Covaxin vs Covishield – Which One is better? Efficacy rate, Side effects

Covaxin vs Covishield – Which One is better? Efficacy rate, Side effects

Covaxin vs Covishield – Which One is better? Efficacy rate, Side effects are discussed on this page. Get Covaxin and Covishield Analysis from this page for better understanding. All the information about Covaxin vs Covishield will be available to you in our article. Covaxin vs Covishield Covaxin vs Covishield Efficacy rate Covaxin vs Covishield Side … Read more

Army Canteen Liquor Price List 2021 PDF


Download Army Canteen Liquor Price List 2021 PDF for free using the direct download link given at the bottom of this article. Canteen Liquor Price List 2021 Hello, Today we share with you Army Canteen Liquor Price List 2021 which can be downloaded from the link given at the bottom of this page. Military Canteen … Read more

What is the Doctrine of Indoor Management?


According to this doctrine, persons dealing with the company need not inquire whether internal proceedings relating to the contract are followed correctly, once they are satisfied that the transaction is in accordance with the memorandum and articles of association. Shareholders, for example, need not enquire whether the necessary meeting was convened and held properly or … Read more

How to Check my IEC Application Status?


The Importer Exporter Code, better known as the IEC, is one of the most vital documents or registration that an import or export business owner can obtain. This code allows exporters and importers to conduct their business in India and enables them to avail various benefits offered by the DGFT. Hence, any business that exports … Read more

How to Change the Name on a Ration Card


The ration card is an important document that all Indian citizens are eligible for, as per the National Food Security Act, 2013. This Act defines the ration card as a document that enables the user to purchase essential commodities from government shops. The document is an integral part of the public distribution system that offers … Read more

How to register for Arya Samaj Marriage in India in 2021?


Arya Samaj marriages are very simple to execute and the rituals are straight. Couples from different religions who fall under the broad umbrella of Hindus in India can perform Arya Samaj. This is a choice and wiling preference for couples where one person belongs to Buddhism, Jainism or Sikh religion. The ceremony performs adhering to … Read more

What are the Items China Imports from India?


The USA is India’s biggest trading partner. However, following closely behind is China, who we now seem to have run into trouble with over various issues. In recent months, political opinion regarding China has taken a hit due to the Coronavirus pandemic and border skirmishes with India. Quite a few significant politicians have called for … Read more

How to change of your name online in a birth certificate


Often after some point of time, people do feel the need to change their names or their children’s. A name change in India may appear to be a tedious process as by then some of your official documents might also be issued. Of all the certificates, the Birth Certificate holds significant importance. It has to … Read more

Birth Certificate: A mandatory documents for passport or not?

Want to travel the world? Well, just like the driving license which is needed for driving across the country, the passport is mandatory to travel across the globe. Getting a passport made earlier was quite a tedious process, and required all the documents to be accurate. As per the passport rules of 1980, for all … Read more

How to Get a Wine Shop License in India


In a notification dated 2nd May 2020, the Delhi government imposed a ‘Special Corona Fees‘ of 70% on the Maximum Retail Price (MRP) of all the liquor brands. The revised prices went applicable from 5th May onwards across the national capital. If you wish to sell alcohol in India, you must first obtain the required liquor … Read more

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