Experience Letter Format and Sample – How To Write Work Experience Letter?

Experience Letter | How to Write Experience Letter: As the name suggests, Experience Letter is given by the organization to the employee at the time he/she is going to leave the organization and looking for another job ahead. It provides details about the work done as well as the skills, Career acquired by the employee.
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What is Experience Letter?

An experience letter is a letter that gives details of the experiences gained by an employee in the time span one had spent in the organization. Experience Letter is considered to be an important document as it gives the idea of the employee’s works experience to the other organization’s employer.

This is to be attached by the employee with his resume at the time of applying to the new organization.

Work Experience Letter Format

It is very important to know the format of the experience letter as a good and right letter puts a good impression on the employer. The experience letter contains the following parameters:

  1. Letterhead of the organization: Name of the organization which is preparing the letter is necessary to mention on the top oh the letter.
  2. Publication date: The date on which the letter is published should be given in the top right-hand side of the letter in the correct format.
  3. Employees details: The letter must include the name as well as contact details of the employee. The post of the employee must be mentioned along with the name. It must also include progress and knowledge of the employee in his term of service. It can also include the salary of the employee.
  4. Tenure of employee: The time for which the employee had served in the organization must be mentioned. It helps in evaluating the skills of the employee for the other organizations.
  5. Closing Statement: A good closing sentence in favour of the employee would be really beneficial for him as it increases its chances of getting selected in another company. Seal of the company or the signature of the employer is necessary after the closing statement.

Q1: What does the experience letter contain?

Experience letter contains all the work is done and skills acquired by a person in the time Span he had worked in a particular firm. It is also called Service Certificate. It is provided by authority where the person has recently worked.

Q2: What is the format of the Experience letter?

Format of letter contains:

  1. Name of the sender
  2. Sender’s Address
  3. Date on which it is issued
  4. Receiver’s address
  5. Salutation
  6. Body of the letter containing skills employer learned in his course of time
  7. Warm Regards to sender
  8. Closing Statement
  9. Sender’s name
  10. Designation of sender
  11. Name of the firm

Q3: Should we include salary in the Experience Certificate?

Yes, the salary must be included in the experience letter as it gives the idea to the other company or firm about the performance and the pay scale of the employee.

Experience Letter Format Sample

Employee’s name
Employee’s organisation
Employee’s address

Date of issuance

Recipient’s organization
Recipient’s address

This letter is to certify that (Employee’s name) has worked in our organization as (Employee’s recent post). He had started working here on (Joining date) and worked till (Leaving Date). He had served till (total time of work) in our organization.

He had been very responsible till the date he had joined. He had enriched himself with lots of skills and work experiences to date. Some of his mind-blowing skills include(mention his best skills). He had been paid (Employee’s Salary) as salary on a per month basis. Apart from his love and devotion he had also been a very good and kind man and always maintained a good relationship with everyone. We are really glad to have such a generous personality among us.

Wishing him the best of his luck in his career.


Sender’s Name
Sender’s Designation,
Sender’s Address.

Work Experience Letter For Companies Sample

Note: Change all the bold text in letter as per your requirement.

Address line 1
Address line 2


Phone number: x x x x x x x x x
Mail: x x x x @ gmail.com

Date: dd/mm/year

Dear employer,

This is to inform you that Employee’s name was posted as Degnisation… of the content department of a company from 7th March 2016 to 8th March 2020. He had given 4 years of his service company.

Employee’s name is a hard-working guy. He started as a content executive in our company and completed all his duties and responsibilities with maintaining decorum. He is always ready to face new challenges and in most of the works, he has given excellent results. The credit of the prestigious awards of our company is because of his dees. He is always ready to learn new skills and also adapt them very quickly. On the basis of his skills, he has been paid a salary of Rs 72000. His behavior with other company staff is very good and also receives appraisals from senior members of our company.

We wish him best of luck.


XYZ Company

Experience Letter for Teacher Sample

Note: Change all the bold text in work experience letter as per your requirement.


To (name of receiver)

One of our best faculty and an excellent maths teacher of our school, Miss Namrita Das started working on 8th August 2009. With 11 years of teaching experience, she easily finds the interests of the students and the way they easily understand the topic.

She was the one who initiated the maths quiz in our school, the result of which is that 10 students of our school were selected in international olympiads in the last 5 years. Being a master in her subject, she had developed some of the best tricks in solving some of the toughest questions which her students find easy to do. She was receiving a salary of Rs 50000. She takes classes of students from ninth standard to the students of twelfth standard. Our institution is blessed to have a teacher like her in between us.

We wish her best of luck.


Venkata Raman
XYZ School Name

Sample Work Experience Letter for Accountant

Note: Change all the bold text as per your requirement.

XYZ Company

24th July, 2018

Employee’s name
XYZ Private Limited


I am writing this letter to bring you to the notice that Employee’s name was working in our firm as a post of an accountant from 3rd January 2011 to 23rd July 2018.

Being a master in his subject, he was always an anecdote of a person having sharp and intelligent skills. Some of his skills specialization in balance statements, controlling income and expenditure, and preparing tax returns. He has extraordinary knowledge of motivating clients as per the need. He has experience of working in some of the topic business firms as accountants. He was paid as per the pay scale which we were having for the accountant i.e Rs 85000. Working in our firm, he has acquired some of the best skills like administrative knowledge, Microsoft office optimization, and reconciliation in accountancy. He has proved himself a hardworking and intelligent person.

We wish best of luck


Employer’s Name
Managing Director
XYZ Company

Experience Letter for Director Sample


Prof Employee’s name


I am writing this letter to bring to you notice that Employee’s name had been the director of this prestigious institution for 7 years from 28th October 2013 to 4th April 2020.

Employee’s name has been a faculty of our institution before he became director. He had served as Head of Department of mechanical Department of XYZ University. Being a member of our institute for a long time, he knew very well all the duties of a director. He had adopted many of the measures to smoothly run the institution. His skills in managing each sector of administration were marvellous. His interactions with students are quite interesting. Thus students also find it fascinating to interact with him. The educational curriculum and the departmental structure applied in his span were some of the most efficient changes done under our institute. A salary of Rs 85000 has been paid to him by the university.

I wish him best of luck for his future times.

Prof Rajiv Asthana

Sample Work Experience Letter for Professor

Note: Change the bold text in the experience letter below respectively

Date: 3rd April 2020

Prof Name

This letter is written to inform you that Prof Name had been the professor of our institute from 26th September 2004 to 2nd April 2020. He has joined the institute as the Assistant Professor and recently had been working as an Associate professor of our institute

Having a work experience of 16 years from our institute, Prof Name… had enriched himself with many skills. Being a Masters from IIT ROORKEE and PhD from the same, he had a good command in Chemistry. The methodologies delivered by him to his students are some of the best ones of his courses. Also serving as the in-charge of labs for several spans of time, he also acquired knowledge of lab-related works. Apart from the institutional works he had also made good relations with students as well as other faculties. Students know him as one of our faculties who are easily approachable. Faculties also know him as a figure of commitment and knowledge.

After analyzing his work and his devotion towards it, he was receiving a salary of Rs 92000 per month recently. In all his career, he had done his duties with full responsibility and discipline.

We wish him best of luck for the future.


College/University name

Experience Letter for Administrator Sample

Note: Change the bold text in the letter below respectively


Mr Name
Senior Superintendent of Police,

I write this letter to certify that Mr Name… had been the Senior Superintendent of Police from 6th January 2015 to 5th January 2020. He had joined the police department as Deputy Superintendent of Police on 2nd February 2001 and worked on it till 28th November 2009 before he was promoted to Assistant Superintendent of Police. He joined as an ASP on 30th November 2009 and served till he became SSP.

Mr Name… has always been punctual and loyal to his duties. He has always been witty and courageous throughout his career. He had handled most of the tough cases of the city and had gained experience to solve them successfully. Mr Name… had always submitted the reports within the given time which shows his ever punctual nature. Being strict to his routine, Mr Name… always maintained decorum of the department. He was also an admirable police officer by the public as he was easily approachable and people always find it very easy to tell him their problems. He had been paid according to the basic pay module decided by the Government of India. We always feel proud to have such a valourous and intelligent officer in our department.

We wish him best of luck for the future.


Mr Rajan Kumar
Inspector General,
Kharagpur range.

Sample Work Experience Letter for CEO

25th December 2020

Mr CEO name
XYZ company name Pvt Ltd,
New York

I am writing this letter to inform you that (CEO name) had been the Chief Executive Officer of our company. He had started working in our company as a Product Marketing Manager in 2007. In 2011, he was made marketing head of our company. In 2013 he became CEO of our company and served till today.

Mr CEO name… had always been an example of people having continuous success. He made this possible by continuous effort in his field to increase his efficiency and sharpen himself in his sector. His marketing strategies are always extraordinary which has attracted many of the other leaders for the coalition. He had been an excellent person in managing the whole administration of the company. The income and expenditure have been intelligently managed by him. He had been INR 2,80,000 monthly. Staff also admire him for his job and his works. He had learned and acquired a lot of qualities in our organization. He had mastered some of the groundbreaking marketing techniques while serving in our company. Our company was really blessed to have been led by such an honourable CEO like him.

We wish best of luck for the rest of his life.


Donald Richards,
XYZ company name Pvt Ltd,
New York

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