COVID-19 – LIC Claim Application Form PDF | LIC Insurance Claim Form On Death From Corona

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As you all are aware of the condition of this time. Our country is currently fighting the second wave of the Corona epidemic. In this wave, many more people have become victims of infection than before, many of whom lost their lives. So the question is arising in the mind of many people that if they are insured LIC, can they claim for the insurance amount in case of death from Corona. So today we will answer this question in detail in this article and also provide you the link to download the COVID-19 – LIC Claim Application Form PDF and will tell you the complete process of the application. For this, read our article carefully till the end.

Will the LIC insurance policy cover Covid-19 claims?

As we told you, India is facing the second wave of Corona. In which the infection is growing very fast and many people have lost their lives. If you now want to know what protection will be provided to you under the COCID-19 epidemic under LIC. So let us tell you that the Life Insurance Corporation (LIC), a government-owned insurance company, has assured customers that they are always with them for the safety and wellbeing of their customers in the midst of an epidemic. Even in the case of COVID-19, LIC will pay you insurance. It has been claimed for success. Therefore, section COVID of LIC policy is eligible for 19 death claims. For this, the nominee can submit the death claim and a copy of the policy schedule to the branch office to submit the death claim.

LIC Policy: COVID-19 Death Claim Procedure

For information related to the death of the insured due to the nominee Covid 19 of the LIC policyholders, if the death claim information can be given to the nodal person at the nearest LIC branch. If LIC branches are closed in your area due to COVID-19, you can email a copy of the death claim information, death certificate, and policy schedule.

Apart from claims of death of COVID-19, even if a policy is close to its maturity date, LIC will deposit the money in bank accounts on time. The money will be credited to the bank account registered under the policy on the due date, for all policies where the necessary documents have been submitted 180 days before the date of maturity of the policy.

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LIC Policy COVID-19 Death Claim Form PDF   Download

LIC COVID-19 Death Claim Procedure

If you want to claim the LIC COVID-19 death of any of your family or acquaintances, then for this you have to follow the following steps.

  • First of all, you have to get the death claim application form from your nearest LIC office. Or you can download the form from its official website.

LIC Death Claim Application Form PDF

  • After getting the LIC Death Claim Form, you will have to fill in the information asked in it and attach your required documents.
  • If your family has died from Corona, then you will have to fill this form by attaching another form.
    In which you will have to enter the information asked related to COVID-19.
  • Click on the link below to download the form.
  • After downloading the form, fill in all the information correctly and submit it to your nearest LIC office along with the LIC Death Claim Application form.
  • After this, depending on your policy, you will be provided with the amount of insurance.
  • For more information and information on the questions issued by LIC Department, click on the link given below

Helpline number

If you want to get any information related to your LIC policy, you can contact the number given below.

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