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West Bengal RTO Number List 2021

Listed below are the RTO Codes and Regional Transport Offices of West Bengal for Vehicle Registration in West Bengal. Established under the provisions of section 213(1) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 West Bengal State RTO is responsible for vehicles and drivers record management and collection of road tax etc.

Code Type Office
WB-01 RTO Beltala (Two Wheelers)
WB-02 RTO Beltala (Four Wheelers private vehicles)
WB-03 RTO Beltala (commercial goods carriages)
WB-04 RTO Beltala (commercial passenger vehicles)
WB-05 RTO Kasba (commercial vehicles)
WB-06 RTO Kasba (private vehicles)
WB-07 RTO Salt Lake (commercial vehicles)
WB-08 RTO Salt Lake (private vehicles)
WB-09 RTO Behala (commercial vehicles)
WB-10 RTO Behala (private vehicles)
WB-11 RTO Howrah (commercial vehicles)
WB-12 RTO Howrah (private vehicles)
WB-13 ARTO Uluberia (commercial vehicles)
WB-14 ARTO Uluberia (private vehicles)
WB-15 RTO Chinsurah (commercial vehicles)
WB-16 RTO Chinsurah (private vehicles)
WB-17 ARTO Serampore (commercial vehicles)
WB-18 ARTO Serampore (private vehicles)
WB-19 RTO Alipore (commercial vehicles)
WB-20 RTO Alipore (private vehicles)
WB-21 RTO Basirhat (commercial vehicles)
WB-22 RTO Alipore (private vehicles)
WB-23 ARTO Barrackpore (commercial vehicles)
WB-24 ARTO Barrackpore (private vehicles)
WB-25 RTO Barasat (commercial vehicles)
WB-26 RTO Barasat (private vehicles)
WB-27 ARTO Bangaon (commercial vehicles)
WB-28 ARTO Bangaon (private vehicles)
WB-29 RTO Tamluk (commercial vehicles)
WB-30 RTO Tamluk (private vehicles)
WB-31 ARTO Contai (commercial vehicles)
WB-32 ARTO Contai (private vehicles)
WB-33 RTO Medinipur (commercial vehicles)
WB-34 RTO Medinipur (private vehicles)
WB-35 ARTO Kharagpur (Commercial Vehicles)
WB-36 ARTO Kharagpur (Private Vehicles)
WB-37 RTO Asansol (commercial vehicles)
WB-38 RTO Asansol (private vehicles)
WB-39 ARTO Durgapur (commercial vehicles), also SBSTC buses are registered here.
WB-40 ARTO Durgapur (private vehicles)
WB-41 RTO Burdwan (commercial vehicles)
WB-42 RTO Burdwan (private vehicles)
WB-43 ARTO Kalna (commercial vehicles)
WB-44 ARTO Kalna (private vehicles)
WB-45 ARTO Rampurhat (commercial vehicles)
WB-46 ARTO Rampurhat (private vehicles)
WB-47 ARTO Bolpur (commercial vehicles)
WB-48 ARTO Bolpur (private vehicles)
WB-49 RTO Jhargram (commercial vehicles)
WB-50 RTO Jhargram (private vehicles)
WB-51 RTO Krishnanagar (commercial vehicles)
WB-52 RTO Krishnanagar (private vehicles)
WB-53 RTO Birbhum (commercial vehicles)
WB-54 RTO Birbhum (private vehicles)
WB-55 RTO Purulia (commercial vehicles)
WB-56 RTO Purulia (private vehicles)
WB-57 RTO Murshidabad (commercial vehicles)
WB-58 RTO Murshidabad (private vehicles)
WB-59 RTO Raiganj (commercial vehicles)
WB-60 RTO Raiganj (private vehicles)
WB-61 RTO Balurghat (commercial vehicles)
WB-62 RTO Balurghat (private vehicles)
WB-63 RTO Cooch Behar (commercial vehicles), also NBSTC buses are registered here.
WB-64 RTO Cooch Behar (private vehicles)
WB-65 RTO Malda City (commercial vehicles)
WB-66 RTO Malda City (private vehicles)
WB-67 RTO Bankura (commercial vehicles)
WB-68 RTO Bankura (private vehicles)
WB-69 RTO Alipurduar (commercial vehicles)
WB-70 RTO Alipurduar (private vehicles)
WB-71 RTO Jalpaiguri (commercial vehicles)
WB-72 RTO Jalpaiguri (private vehicles)
WB-73 ARTO Siliguri (commercial vehicles)
WB-74 ARTO Siliguri (private vehicles)
WB-75 ARTO Katwa (private and commercial vehicles)
WB-76 RTO Darjeeling (commercial vehicles)
WB-77 RTO Darjeeling (private vehicles)
WB-78 RTO Kalimpong (commercial vehicles)
WB-79 RTO Kalimpong (private vehicles)
WB-80 (* yet to be allotted *)
WB-81 ARTO Raghunathpur (commercial vehicles)
WB-82 ARTO Raghunathpur (private vehicles)
WB-83 ARTO Chanchal (commercial vehicles)
WB-84 ARTO Chanchal (private vehicles)
WB-85 ARTO Mathabhanga (commercial vehicles)
WB-86 ARTO Mathabhanga (private vehicles)
WB-87 ARTO Bishnupur (commercial vehicles)
WB-88 ARTO Bishnupur (private vehicles)
WB-89 ARTO Kalyani (commercial vehicles)
WB-90 ARTO Kalyani (private vehicles)
WB-91 ARTO Islampur (commercial vehicles)
WB-92 ARTO Islampur (private vehicles)
WB-93 ARTO Jangipur (commercial vehicles)
WB-94 ARTO Jangipur (private vehicles)
WB-95 ARTO Baruipur (commercial vehicles)
WB-96 ARTO Baruipur (private vehicles)
WB-97 ARTO Diamond Harbour (commercial vehicles)
WB-98 ARTO Diamond Harbour (private vehicles)
WB-99 ARTO Jaynagar (private vehicles)

Regional Transport Office (RTO) is an Indian Government organization responsible for maintaining the records of drivers and vehicles for every states of India. RTO issues driving licenses and also collect all vehicle tax i.e road tax.

On which saturday West Bengal RTO is closed?

All West Bengal RTO remain closed on the second and fourth Saturdays of every month. If a month has five Saturdays, then the fifth Saturday will be working day.

What is the procedure for registration of a motor vehicle at West Bengal RTO?

As per Rule 80 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, one can obtain registration number upon verification of submitted documents. Fancy (Choice) registration number is provied via auction and seperate charges need to be paid for getting the available fancy / choice number.

How to find vehicle owner details from West Bengal RTO registration number?

Now you can get details of a vehicle with a simple SMS. Type VAHAN <space> your West Bengal RTO registration number and send it to 7738299899.

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