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In this article today, we will call the important aspects of the Tata Consultancy Services free Digital Certificate programs which have been launched by the concerned authorities to deliver good knowledge and opportunities to the students who are now free in this lockdown because of Coronavirus. In this TCS ION Free Digital Certification, we will share with you all the list of the syllabus and the eligibility criteria of the program. We will also share with you all the step by step procedure through which you can apply for the course.

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TCS ION Free Digital Certification

Tata consultancy administrations have started the online testament program for the understudies and experts for the sake of TCS ION Career edge. The span of the online program is of 15 days and it is freed from cost. On the off chance that you are understudies and expert, at that point, you can apply for the course from the official site of the TCS. The primary explanation for the dispatch of the course is that understudies may gain some new useful knowledge during this lockdown and TCS wants that every understudy must use this time judicially and not waste it.

Details Of TCS ION Free Digital Certification

Name TCS ION Free Digital Certification
Launched by Tata consultancy service
Beneficiaries Undergraduate/Graduate/Postgraduate/ Fresher/Professional Students
Objective Providing Digital assessment and certification program
Official Website https://www.tcsion.com

Benefits Of The TCS ION Course

There are many benefits of the Tata Consultancy Free digital certification program:-

  • It will build up your delicate and hard aptitudes.
  • It will upgrade and hone your character and information.
  • This course is supported with Nano instructional exercise contextual investigations and evaluations to check.
  • It will assist you with increasing your correspondence, introduction and conduct abilities and with this, you can make an effect on interviews or your work environment.
  • This course will likewise help you on the best way to compose powerful continues and pro gathering conversation.
  • It will assist you with increasing regular business behaviour in both verbal and non-verbal.
  • Under this, you will learn major of bookkeeping and Information innovation.
  • This course likewise incorporates man-made brainpower.

Conditions For The Course

You must keep in mind the following conditions while undertaking the Tata Consultancy Free digital certification programs:-

  • You have to go to all modules and evaluation tests.
  • On the off chance that anybody neglects to go to any of the modules, at that point he/she isn’t qualified for the authentication.
  • You have to clear the evaluation test then just you will be granted the endorsement.
  • The sort of inquiry in the evaluation will be of the target type.
  • Each question in the appraisal will convey marks.
  • This course isn’t qualified for any sort of occupation in TCS or elsewhere yet it might be a significant expansion to your capabilities.
  • On the off chance that anybody bombed in the assessment won’t be given a testament

Eligibility Criteria

The students pursuing the following courses are eligible to apply for the Tata Consultancy Services free digital certification program:-

  • Undergraduate
  • Graduates
  • Postgraduate
  • Fresher
  • Professionals

Syllabus Of TCS ION Course

With the 15 days Tata Consultancy Services free digital certification program you will be learning about the following courses:-

Days Syllabus
Day 1 Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
Day 2 Deliver Presentation with Impact
Day 3 Soft skill for the workplace
Day 4 Career Guidance
Day 5 How to write a resume and cover letter?
Day 6 Group Discussion
Day 7 Ace corporate Interview
Day 8 Corporate Etiquette
Day 9 Effective Email
Day 10 Telephonic Etiquette
Day 11 Principles and concepts of accounting specially focused on financial statements
Day 12 Functional IT skill by listening to the tech expert of TCS
Day 13 The history and definition of AI and different approaches to AI.
Day 14 Intelligent agents and rational agents, the concept of bounded rationality and various agents architectures
Day 15 Assessment Test

TCS ION Free Digital Certification Online Application Process

To apply yourself for the Tata Consultancy Services digital certification program you will have to follow the simple steps given below:-

  • Visit the official website of Tata Consultancy Services given here
  • When you land on the home page, you need to login first.
  • If you do not have a login ID on the website then you can log in with your Facebook, Google or any other account.
  • New will be displayed on your screen.
  • Select the state
  • Click on the subscribe button.
  • Confirm the subscription
  • A message will appear on your screen.
  • The course will be added to the dashboard
  • Click on the launch tab
  • The course will be started

Features of TCS ION Course

  • With the help of the “Career Edge – Knockdown the Lockdown” you can learn the following:-
    • Sharpen your soft and hard skills
    • Improve Communication, presentation and behavioural skills
    • Way to write effective resumes and ace group discussions & interviews
    • Common business etiquette
    • Fundamentals of Accounting and IT
    • Concept of Artificial Intelligence
  • Course duration is of 2 weeks
  • Language of the course is English
  • Applicant have to contribute 12 hours per week for this course

About certificate

Applicants who participate in this course for about 2 weeks they will get participation certificate on completion of the course. Must read the detailed information about the course and then apply for it through online mode.


  • If you desire to receive a call back from TCS then you have to follow the further steps:-
    • Open the link of the official portal
    • Go to Receive a call back section
    • Enter name, number, email id and code
    • Click “submit” option
  • Phone Number: 1800 266 6282 (Toll Free)
  • E-mail : [email protected]