How to apply for Marriage Registration in Bangalore

The legal document which states the marital status of any couple is a marriage registration. Marriage Registration in India can be performed under the Hindu Marriage Act, 1955 or the Special Marriage Act, 1954, or the Parsi Marriage and Divorce Act, 1936. Hindu marriage act occurs where both husband and wife are Hindu, Buddhist, Jain or Sikh, or if they have converted to any of these religions. Whereas the Parsis Marriage and Divorce Act permits Parsis and Zoroastrians to register.

So here in this blog, we will discuss all the legal formalities which are required to register a marriage in Bangalore.

  1. Purpose of the Marriage Registration

  2. Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration

  3. Documents required to apply for Registration

  4. Procedure for Marriage registration

  5. Witnesses of Marriage Registration

  6. Fees of Marriage Registration

  7. Marriage Registrar Office Locations and Contacts

Purpose of Marriage Registration

A marriage certificate is an essential document for exhibiting any couple’s legal marital status. This helps in allied purposes such as:

  • as proof, if you want to change the name after marriage,
  • on matters of a child’s paternity, during divorce proceedings,
  • claim spouse’s property in case you are not a beneficiary,
  • claim life insurance in case of loss
  • as part of a genealogical background, in addition to other uses.

Therefore it is definitive evidence of a marriage.

Eligibility for applying of Marriage Registration 

For applying for marriage registration the only eligibility is the age. Additionally, the bride and groom need to complete the legal age as decided by the government of India.

  • Groom must have reached age 21.
  • The bride must have finished at age 18.

Documents required to apply for Registration

Following documents are required by both the bride and groom to get register in Bangalore and they are given below:

  • Moreover, fully filled out the application form (download it from this link), duly signed by both bridegroom and bride.
  • Additionally, original wedding invitation card.
  • Similarly, bride and bridegroom proof of address – Passport/ Voter ID Card/ Driving License/ House Rent Agreement/ Telephone Bill or Energy Bill. Moreover, the proof of address has to be in the name of one of the applicants.
  • Additionally, bridegroom and bride age proof-10th standard mark sheet with the birth date listed on it or Passport.
  • Similarly, bridegroom and bride identification verification – Passport / PAN Card / Voter ID card / Driver’s License.
  • Moreover, 2 Passport-size photographs of each bridegroom and bride 6 copies of 2B-sized joint photographs of the bridegroom and bride.
  • Additionally, 2 Photos of the bride and the bridegroom wearing their wedding dress are seen engaging in the wedding ceremony (preferably with their family).
  • Further, Separate marriage affidavits from bridegroom and bride.
  • Late affidavit if the application is submitted after 3 months from the registration date.
  • Additionally, Aadhar card
  • Likewise, affidavit in the prescribed format in the event of a bride name change after the marriage.
  • Therefore, The newspaper where bride name change information was written.

Points to remember:

  • All documents must be self-attested
  • At least one of the applicants must have proof of residency provided by the government.
  • Bring the original records for evidence to get them verified by the officer.

Procedure for Marriage registration

Marriage registration in Bangalore is on both online and offline. Here is the procedure:

Offline Procedure of Marriage Registration:

  • To obtain the required marriage registration application form, please visit the sub-registrar nearest to your residence.
  • Or, you can access the application form here.
  • In the application form fill out the details carefully. If after the marriage there has been a name change of wife, make sure to write the new name in the document
  • Additionally, there should be three marriage witnesses in the document. Friends and relatives may be witnesses.
  • Moreover, send the completed form along with the required documents to the Sub-registrar’s office.
  • The official verification of the information shall be done, and the applicants will be given 6 printouts of the information provided in the application.
  • Additionally, the groom and the bride shall put their signature on the printed copies of the forms in the designated area.
  • Moreover, two copies of the marriage certificate shall be delivered to the bride and the bridegroom at the sub-registrar’s office and the other copies shall be retained for government records.

Online Procedure of Marriage Registration:

  • Visit Karnataka Government’s official online website.
  • Moreover, choose your district name and start.
  • Additionally, fill the information of the bridegroom and choose “Registration of Marriage Certificate.”
  • Similarly, complete the marriage certificate form and choose the date of appointment Submit the form by clicking on “Submit Document”
  • Moreover, you will get a temporary number on the acknowledgment slip and this will complete the application process.

Witnesses of Marriage Registration

It is important to get the signature of a witness to register the marriage. So there are certain rules to become the witness of marriage and they are:

  • The witness should have been 21 years old.
  • Additionally, anyone who has witnessed the couple’s wedding will be a witness for the registration of marriage.
  • Moreover, the witnesses are chosen from each bride and bridegroom to be the nearest blood connection.
  • Likewise, they insist on one of the parents being the witness to the registration along with their identity and address verification.

Certain documents are required from witness:

  • Pan Card
  • Moreover, Aadhar Card
  • Additionally, Notarized Affidavit with self-attested address proof and passport size photograph

Fees of Marriage Registration

  • Under the Hindu Marriage Act, there are no fees for marriage registration. Application fees are Rs.5, and the certified copy fee is Rs. 10.
  • Similarly, the price for a marriage solemnization under the Special Marriage Act is Rs.10. A sum of Rs.15 should be given extra for solemnizing outside the office of the sub-registrar at some other location.
  • Additionally, the charges for planned marriage notification is Rs.3. The fee for obtaining the certified copy of a marriage certificate is Rs.2.
  • Moreover, under the Parsi Marriage Act, the fee required for the certified copy of a marriage certificate is Rs.2

Some of the Marriage Registrar/Sub Registrar Office Locations and Contacts

Place Address
New #7
T. Chowdaiah Road
Seshadripuram, Bangalore
Pincode: 560020Landmark – Windsor Manor Hotel
Yelahanka Bazaar T. Chowdaiah Road Pincode: 560064 Landmark – Jayalakshmi Hospital
Koramangala 2nd FloorB.D.A. Complex, Bangalore SouthKoramangala, Pincode: 560034Landmark – Water Tank
Gandhinagar No.19/B, 2nd Floor, Bvk Iyengar Road, Pincode- 560009, Landmark -Abhinay Theatre
Nagawara Ramanjaneya Complex – 108, St Philomena Hospital Road Pincode – 560045

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