Gujarat RTO Code List PDF | Gujarat RTO Number List 2021

RTO Gujarat

RTO stands for the Regional Transport Office. As the name suggests, RTOs are regional offices that execute a lot of tasks around transport. Its parent organization is the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways. RTOs maintain an index of all the drivers in India cross-referenced with their vehicles. Whenever a roadside footage shows a vehicle to be bypassing the maximum speed limit, the vehicle is photographed, the registration number is connected to the registered driver, and a penalty is issued. RTOs also issue driving licences – an important function, since rash driving can mean injury or worse for a lot of people. A Driving licence also does more than separate the skilled drivers from the unskilled drivers – it is used as an important identification proof in many government procedures and private deals.

Functions of Road Transport Department in GJ

The RTO Department in Gujarat carries out a lot of functions. Below are the three most important functions carried around by the RTO department:

  1. The Gujarat RTO enables the state government to collect an excise duty on vehicles. Vehicles are of no use to their owners without the roads that they run on, and 80% of all roads in India are built, maintained, and repaired by the state government. This is where decentralization comes in, the transport departments need to be regional. This is where the R in RTO comes from.
  2. Another niche service offered by the Gujarat RTO is that they sell individualized licence plates. The RTO allows people to buy expressive plates that are nevertheless standardized to fit the needs of the state. The revenue generated from these sales is used to polish the roads, bridges, and other infrastructure of the state.
  3. The RTO is also the organization in charge to ensure that the vehicles plying the roads are sticking to the emissions guidelines. The UN Panel on Climate Change has announced repeatedly that tackling climate change will need everyone to pitch in. To keep average global temperatures from rising more than 2 degrees at the end of the century, we will need to drastically decrease green-house gas emissions from all sources, including vehicles. It’s government workers working in regional transport offices around the country – including in Gujarat – who ensure that vehicles are keeping their CO2 emissions to a bare minimum.

Gujarat RTO Code list PDF Download

GJ RTO Codes with Office Locations

Are you looking forward to finding out the registration code that will go on your new vehicle? Look at the table below to find the RTO code of your city!

Sr.No RTO Code City RTO Location
1 GJ01 RTO


RTO Office, Subhash Bridge, Sabarmati,Ahmedabad- 380027.

Email :[email protected]

2 GJ02 RTO


RTO Office, Near Khari Nadi, Palavasna highway, Mehsana – 384002.

Email :[email protected]

3 GJ03 RTO


RTO Office, Near Market yard, Rajkot – 360001.

Email :[email protected]

4 GJ04 RTO


RTO Office, Dhanechi Vadla, Bhavnagar – 364003.

Email :[email protected]

5 GJ05 RTO


RTO Office, Ring Road, Nanpura, Surat – 385001.

Email :[email protected]

6 GJ06 RTO


Nr.Golden Chokdi NH-8, Darjipura,

Vadodra – 390006.

Email :[email protected]

7 GJ07 RTO


Opposite Gov. Circuit house, Mile Road,

Nadiad-Kheda -387001.

Email :[email protected]

8 GJ08 RTO


RTO Office, Ambaji Road,

Palanpur (Banaskatha) – 385001.

Email :[email protected]

9 GJ09 RTO


Savgadh vijapur bypass Road, Himatnagar,


Email :[email protected]

10 GJ10 RTO


Lal Bangla Compound,

Jamnagar – 388005.

Email :[email protected]

11 GJ11 RTO


B/H -Dr Shubhash Academy,

Junagadh – 362001.

Email :[email protected]

12 GJ12 RTO


Near Military Garrison, Madhaper Road,

Bhuj – 370000.

Email :[email protected]

13 GJ13 ARTO


Multi Store Building, Block-C, Ground floor,Kehrali Road, Surendranagar -363001.

Email :[email protected]

14 GJ14 ARTO


ARTO Office, Second floor, M. S. Building,Rajmahel Compound. Amreli – 365001.

Email :[email protected]

15 GJ15 RTO


RTO Office, Atakpardi, Dharanpur Road,

Valsad – 369001.

Email :[email protected]

16 GJ16 ARTO


ARTO Office, Nandevan Chokdi,

Bharuch – 392001.

Email :[email protected]

17 GJ17 RTO


ARTO Office, Near Commerce College,

Godhra -389001.

Email :[email protected]

18 GJ18 ARTO


ARTO Office, Sec-3A, Near G0 Circle, Gandhinagar.

Email :[email protected]

19 GJ19 ARTO


ARTO Office, Opposite Power House, Octroy Naka,Bardoli -344601. Dis: Surat.

Email :[email protected]

20 GJ20 ARTO


ARTO Office, Dharbada Chokdi, Highway bypass,Dahod -389051.

Email :[email protected]

21 GJ21 ARTO


ARTO Office, Italva, Navsari -396445.

Email :[email protected]

22 GJ22 ARTO


ARTO Office, Sevasadan Office, Collector Office Building,R No.-13/14, DIS: Narmada – 393145.

Email :[email protected]>

23 GJ23 ARTO


ARTO Office, Sevasadan Ground, D.S.P. Office,

Borsad Chokdi, Anand -388001.

Email :[email protected]

24 GJ24 ARTO


ARTO Office, GIDC Estate Building, No-3,Near Navjivan Hotel, Sidhpur Cross Road,

Patan – 384265.

Email :[email protected]

25 GJ25 ARTO


ARTO Office, Opposite D. S. P. Office, New Kuvara, Vadia Road, Porbandar – 360575.

Email :[email protected]

26 GJ26 ARTO


ARTO Office, Japanese Farm, Panvadi, Bhenskatri Road, Vyara.

Email :[email protected]

27 GJ27 ARTO

Ahmedabad East

ARTO Office, Ahmedabad East, Mahadev Nagar Tekra, Vastral, Ahmedabad.

Email :[email protected]

28 GJ30 ARTO


ARTO Office, Aahwa, District: Surat.

Email :[email protected]

29 GJ31 ARTO


ARTO Office, Shah Mukundadasa Vithaldas, Public Pharmacy College, Shamlaji Modasa highway, Modasa.

Email :[email protected]

30 GJ32 ARTO ARTO Office, R & B building, Veraval.

Email :[email protected]

31 GJ33 ARTO


ARTO Office, Government colony, D Colony,Old Province Office,Botad police in front of the parade ground,Pura Road, Botad.

Email :[email protected]

32 GJ34 ARTO

Chhota Udepur

ARTO Office, Fatehpura Road, Choota Udepur, Dist: Chhota Udepur-391165.

Email :[email protected]

33 GJ35 ARTO


ARTO Office,Bhadar Canal Colony, Opp: Lunawada Bus Stand, Lunawada, Dist: Mahisagar-389230.

Email :[email protected]

34 GJ36 ARTO


ARTO Office, Old Toll Naka Building, Opp: Uma Resort, Morbi Maliya Bypass, Morbi-363642.

Email :[email protected]

35 GJ37 ARTO


ARTO Office, Opp: New ITI Jamnagar Highway, Khambhaliya-361305.

Email :[email protected]

36 GJ38 ARTO


ARTO Office, Amrutbaug, Nr. Swaminarayan Gate, Bavla, Dist: Ahmedabad.

Email :[email protected]

How to register a vehicle in GJ

Registering your vehicle in Gujarat is a simple and quick task. Follow the below steps to get your vehicle registered in the database of registered vehicles in Gujarat:

  1. Download a form called form 20 from the RTO website of Gujarat. You can find the form here. You will find an English version as well as a Gujarati version – fill up the form in the language you feel most comfortable with.
  2. Take the completed form to the local RTO office.
  3. A trained inspector will carefully evaluate the vehicle. This is usually not necessary as the authorized dealer, from whom the vehicle was purchased, does the inspection.
  4. After verifying all the details, the RTO office will release a unique registration number for you.
  5. The Registration Certificate of your vehicle will reach your address through speed post!

How to get motor insurance in GJ?

Along with registering your vehicle, obtaining a valid motor insurance policy is also mandatory. Here is a sobering statistic – in 2017, there were more than 50 road accidents in Gujarat every day, and more than 20 casualties. As the number of vehicles plying the roads grows exponentially every year, these numbers might get worse. Therefore, protecting yourself with insurance, apart from being a legal obligation, is also the practical thing to do.

Consider the following factors to ensure you get the best deal for your vehicle’s long-term insurance:

  1. The market is flooded with a lot of insurance options, both private and public. You should do in-depth research of different insurance providers. Owing to the easy availability of online motor insurance policies, comparing plans has never been easier.
  2. You should stack the premiums against the services offered. Lower premiums may not be ideal as they will come with almost no add-on services. A comprehensive insurance plan available on Finserv MARKETS, comes with perks like quick claim settlements and cashless claims in the network hospitals across India. In the long term, a comprehensive plan is better for your vehicle’s longevity and your peace of mind.

FAQs on Gujarat RTO

  • How long is my driving licence valid for?

For transport vehicles: 3 years. Transport truck drivers and other cargo-carrying vehicle owners need to renew their driving licence every 3 years.

For non-transport vehicles: 20 years. People who use their vehicles for personal transport need to renew their licence every 2 decades.

  • In case of address change, should the vehicle be produced for inspection?

Yes, an address change requires the vehicle owner to produce the vehicle at the local RTO branch.

  • What are the suggested fees to apply for a Driving licence a fresh?

In today’s day and age, driving is no longer a luxury. It’s a necessity. Therefore RTO keeps the process of acquiring a driver’s licence very accessible. The driving test costs ₹50, and getting the licence itself costs ₹200.

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