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On the 1st of October 2013, the Government of West Bengal launched Kanyashree Prakalpa for protecting and promoting the rights of girl children of West Bengal. Kanyashree Prakalpa provides a safety net for those vulnerable families who are forced by tradition, social compulsion or poverty, to truncate the education of their daughters and contract them to wholly illegal and dangerous marriages. The scheme improves the status and well being of girls, specifically those from socioeconomically disadvantaged families, through Conditional Cash Transfers by:

  • Incentivizing them to continue in education for a longer period of time, and complete secondary or higher secondary education, or equivalent in technical or vocational streams, thereby giving them a better footing in both the economic and social spheres.
  • Disincentivizing marriage till at least the age of 18, the legal age of marriage, thereby reducing the risks of early pregnancies, associated risks of maternal and child mortality, and other debilitating health conditions, including those of malnutrition.

Benefits Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme

The Scheme confers more than just monetary support; it is a means of financial inclusion and a tool of empowerment for adolescent girls. The scheme’s benefits are therefore paid directly to bank accounts in the girls’ names, leaving the decision of utilization of the money in their hands.

To reinforce the positive impact of increased education and delayed marriages, the scheme also works towards enhancing the social power and self-esteem of girls through a targeted behavior change communication strategy. The communication strategy not only builds awareness of the scheme, but includes adolescent-friendly approaches like events, competitions and Kanyashree clubs, and the endorsement of strong women figures as role models to promote social and psychological

Financial Assistance By Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme

It is a Conditional Cash Transfer Scheme and has two components:
K1- Annual Scholarship of Rs.1000/- (One thousand only)
K2-One time Grant of Rs.25, 000/- (Twenty Five Thousand only)
Girls will be eligible for Kanyashree’s Annual Scholarship or the One-Time grant f they are studying in any one of the following institutions:
1) In Class VIII or above in a school, Madrassah or equivalent course.
2) In a college or Vocational Training Centre, Technical Training Centre or Industrial Training Centre
The educational institution MUST be registered in West Bengal AND recognized by the Government of West Bengal

Direct Link for Application Form to apply for Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme- Annual Scholarship Form (K1) kanyashree prakalpa application form k1:


Direct Link for Application Form to apply for Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme- One Time Grant Form kanyashree prakalpa k2 form pdf (K2):


Kanyashree Prakalpa k2 form transfer

Kanyashree Prakalpa renewal form

Details of Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme PDF 

Eligibility Criteria to get K1 money:

  • A resident of West Bengal
  • Between 13 and 18 years of age
  • Unmarried
  • Enrolled in classes VIII-XII in government recognized regular or equivalent open school or equivalent vocational/technical training course.

Eligibility Criteria to get K2 money:

A resident of West Bengal

  • Between 18 and 19 years of age
  • Unmarried
  • Enrolled in either of the institutions mentioned above.

For both K1 and K2 application, minimum Class VIII is waived if the girl is a child with special needs (disability 40% or more). In that case, you have to submit a copy of the disability certificate with the application form.

Application form Fresh Renewal

Girls can collect the application forms from the institution they are studying in:

All schools/colleges/other institutions mentioned above registered with Kanyashree the portal will get Kanyashree application forms from the nearest SDO/BDO office.

Type of applications:

Fresh K1: The application forms for the Annual Scholarship is called K1 and are printed on light green paper.
Fresh K2: The application form for the One-Time Grant is called K2 and is printed on light blue paper.
Renewal: Girls who have received K1 at least once and are still below 18 yrs fulfilling other conditions need not apply again for the renewal of K1. The Head of The institution shall verify the details and process the renewal application.
Up-Gradation: Girls who have received K1 and have crossed 18yrs now are eligible for K2. They have to collect a pre-printed K2 Up-gradation form from the
the institution, fill it up and submit again.

Timeline For Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme

Following the West Bengal Right to Public Services Act 2013, the time span between applications received and payment will be a maximum of 90 days.

Applicants Information System of Kanyashree Prakalpa Scheme

Girls will get the following SMS after submitting your Kanyashree application:
1. After online submission of the form. At this stage, Girls will also get to know their Kanyashree ID.
2. When their application is transferred out from their previous institution.
3. When their application is transferred to their present (new) institution.
4. When their application is sanctioned.
5. If their application is rejected.

  • They can track your Kanyashree status from the portal through the link …Click Here
  • They can submit the online grievances in the portal through the link ……Click Here

If anything goes wrong and Girls do not receive any of the SMS or grant in their bank account, they have to get in touch with the Nodal person of Kanyashree of the institution.

  • The nodal teacher of institutions will try to solve the problems of the Kanyashree applicants of their institutions and will communicate with block/district/state authority as required on their behalf.
  • Girls can also contact the District Project Manager, Kanyashree of the concerned district. The list of District and State Nodal officers with their contact details is available at the “Nodal Officer” tab in the Home Page.

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