List of Upcoming Elections in India 2019 Chhattisgarh, Mizoram, Rajasthan Other

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Today we will tell you in detail in this article about the elections in other states of India. Now, we will also tell you in the year 2019 which states where elections are held and it will be officially started from time to time. Apart from this, if you live in any state of India and apply for a new Voter card, we will tell you that you can apply online for it if you have already applied for Voter Card and now you can check your voter list ie Voter List online We want to tell you how you can check your name.

Election 2019 Date List

As you know, in every state of India assembly elections held after every five years in which any single party is chosen by you which serves for the next five years and fulfils needs of there voters. You voted in the assembly elections, and after some days their results are officially announced that which government will now have to rule for the next 5 years. With the help of the table given below, you can understand when elections are going to take place, such as –

S.No Election On completion of the term Proposed in the election month Number of seats
1 LOK SABHA 2019/06/03 April-May 2019 543 + 2
List of Assembly Elections 2019
S.No State Expired Proposed in the election month Number of seats
1 Sikkim 2019/05/27 April-May 2019 32
2 Arunachal Pradesh 2019/06/01 April-May 2019 60
3 Odisha 2019/11/06 May-June 2019 147
4 Andra Pradesh 2019/06/18 May-June 2019 175
5 Haryana 2019/02/28 September-October 2019 90
6 Maharashtra 2019/09/11 September-October 2019 288
7 Jharkhand 2020/05/01 Nov-Dec 2019 81
8 NCT Delhi 2020/02/22 January-February 2020 70
9 Jammu and Kashmir * 2021/03/16 January-February 2021 87
How to check your name online in the voter list – All India

Keeping in mind your facilities, we have already written the post of Voter List of the entire Indian states, which you can easily print or download the voter’s list of any state and check your name online in the electoral roll. You can check your name online in the voter list with the help of the link given below.

[Voter List 2019] Check Online All India Voter ID Card List

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