PDF Non Creamy Layer Certificate Kerala Application Form


Here You will find details about Non-Creamy Layer Certificate In Kerala which is also known as Other Backward Class Certificate. If you have any claim for communal reservation or students taking admission in various institutions then they have to obtain a Non-Creamy Layer Certificate certificate for SEBC/OEC, This certificate is very useful to get government benefits.

Non Creamy layer certificate and the word creamy layer is evolved from a case in the supreme court. this case was Mandal’s case (Indra Sawhney& OthersVs Government of India). As a result of this case, the Central Government issued an Office Memorandum to reserve 27% posts in central government services.
The Supreme court also said that this reservation is only for Non Creamy layer OBC.

Income Limit: Income limit for the Noncreamy layer certificate is up to 8 Lac per annum. also, If the person’s son or daughter’s having gross annual income for one lac or above (1 Lac) for three consecutive years, then they will not able to get reservation benefits.

validity:  Non-Creamy Layer Certificate is validity is for one year only. this will count from the date of receiving the certificate. After one year you have to apply for NCL again.

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