Spelling Mistake in Birth Certificate: How you can get it corrected?

The Rajasthan Government recently gave powers of digital signatures to the hospital authorities. From now on, Government hospitals can issue birth certificates. With the power lies at the hospitals, any mistake made in the certificates will be corrected on the spot by the hospital authorities. This will give comfort to the parents who have faced difficulties if any spelling mistake is committed on birth certificates.

The legal documents right from the birth certificate to the passport are all important to prove your identity as the individual, as the resident of the country or all the places you are a part of. The first legal document that one gets in their life is the birth certificate which acts as the identity for the toddlers and kids, till they are eligible for other documents.

Birth certificate: The definition

The birth certificate, in simple terms, is the birthday card with the name of an individual. It is a legal document which acts as an identity proof just like all other documents and plays an important role while making the passport, as the birthday card with name holding your date of birth. But, what if there is a spelling mistake in the birth certificate itself?

Procedure for birth certificate name change and corrections

Every state has a different procedure for birth certificate correction, which can include a birth certificate name change, spelling mistake in the birth certificate, or the spelling mistake in the name of the parents. So, before filling and applying for changes, the procedure must be checked carefully. The birth certificate correction can be done both offline and online, the procedure for which is as follows:

Offline method

The first step is to go to the municipal corporation in the urban areas or the Tehsildar in the rural areas and get the form for application. This form is like a new application form for the birth certificate. The further procedure for the birth certificate name change is as follows:

  • Affidavit: One needs to get an affidavit prepared from the local notary in which the reason for the change or the spelling mistake in birth certificate is specified. Once made, this document has to be submitted to the district court.
  • Publication of advertisement: Once the affidavit is made and submitted, an advertisement must be published in the newspapers stating the birth certificate correction that is done.
  • Gazette: The information regarding the birth certificate name change must be published in the official gazette of the respective state of the individual.

Online method

  • The birth certificate name change can be done online easily and quickly at the given link: http://crsorgi.gov.in/web/index.php/auth/login
  • The procedure to be followed for correcting the spelling mistake in the birth certificate or for birth certificate correction is as follows:
  • Enter the correct details in the form.
  • Next, the payment of the fees must be done. The fee is usually quite nominal for one and all.
  • After this is done, a unique id generated by the computer is sent.
  • Further, the process is completed, and the birth certificate is updated.

Types of birth certificate correction

Apart from the spelling mistake in the birth certificate, there are other types of changes that might need to be done in this birthday card with name. These include:

  • Correcting the first, middle or date of birth of the individual: For an adult, the documents of the school must be submitted along with the affidavit. The main thing that the document which is submitted as proof, must contain the date of birth, or must be the so-called birthday card with name.
  • When correction in the last name of the individual: For this, father’s documents must be submitted, or if the last name has to be of the child’s mother, then the mother’s document must be submitted.
  • When correction in the birth year: A document from the school holding the date of birth must be submitted.
  • Correction in the parent’s name: The marriage certificate or any of their documents have to be submitted.

Importance of Birth Certificate

  • Insurance reasons
  • Parentage
  • Employment age proof
  • Marriage age proof
  • Establishing age for enrolling in electoral rolls
  • NPR Registration
  • Passport Application
  • Immigration Requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. Is it mandatory for the name on the birth certificate to be similar as on the passport?

Yes, the name must be similar. Even, while getting the passport, the birth certificate acts as one of the major documents of the identification proof of an individual.

  1. After legal issues, like marriage or divorce, is it mandatory to change the name on the birth certificate as well?

No, it is not mandatory to change your name in these situations. Neither is there any such specific requirement for the same. There are different state laws based on several grounds.


As such, the birth certificate correction is no tough task, but is applicable only for certain conditions and must be checked carefully while filing in the details to avoid the further scope of mistake. Even in India, all the states also have their own procedures for changing the name, and hence, all the rules and procedures must be followed according to the requirements.

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