Register a Cyber Crime Complaint – Kharagpur, West Bengal

What is Cyber Crime

Crimes which are committed with the use of internet, computer, mobile phones, computer network or any other electronic devices are Cyber Crime.

Different kinds of Cyber Crime

  • Cyber defamation & cyber bullying: Publishing defamatory statements against the CM of any state on social media platforms like Facebook or twitter.
  • Cyber bullying: Posting obscene pictures of a woman on social media or blackmailing her with her private pictures with the intention to obtain sexual favors, sending her rape threats via text messages.
  • Taking obscene pictures and videos of any woman engaged in private activities with the use of mobile phone or camera.
  • Cyber stalking: Sending messages to any woman on social media and calling her on her mobile phone despite her clear ignorance.
  • Selling pornography, obscene pictures and videos through online platform.
  • Cyber theft: Stealing personal data, financial information or business/corporate data of any person or company from their computer systems.
  • Cyber Fraud: Attaching a fake electronic signature to an electronic contract.
  • Making a false electronic document to produce it as evidence against the accused in the court of law.
  • Deceiving the customers with damaged products on e-commerce platforms (Amazon, OLX India, Flipkart) and inducing them to make online payments for those products.
  • Hacking: Hacking someone’s mobile phone or laptop with the intention to steal the data or damage the data stored in the device.
  • Phishing: Sending fake messages or emails with a link to a particular webpage to induce the victims to unwittingly enter personal data (contact details, bank account details, and passwords, etc) or with the intention to install harmful viruses in the devices of the victims as soon as they open the link.
  • Hacking & cyber bullying: Hacking someone’s social media account to make fake posts on their behalf.
  • Cyber terrorism & cyber-extortion: Hacking someone’s computer to encrypt all the data and files stored in the computer and demanding ransom to decrypt them.

In the above-mentioned scenarios, there has been a use of technology i.e., electronic devices (computer or computer network or mobile phones) and internet (social media, e-commerce websites, fraudulent web pages and emails, etc.). There can be many other examples of cybercrimes. The term ‘cyber’ covers everything related to computers, computer network, computer devices, software, internet, emails, websites, data storage devices and other electronic devices (mobile phones, ATM machines, etc.). Therefore, when a crime is committed with the use of or with the involvement of a computer, computer network, internet or any other internet service or electronic device, it is said to be a cybercrime.

How to register cyber crime complaint online

You can lodge complaint of cyber crime online with Cyber Cell of Police Department for cyber crimes committed all over India like Email Frauds, Social Media crimes, Mobile App related crimes, Business Email Compromise, Data Theft, Ransomware, Net Banking/ATM Frauds, Fake Calls Frauds, Insurance Frauds, Lottery Scam, Bitcoin, Cheating Scams, Online Transactions Frauds etc. The Cyber Crime Cell of Police Department is a specialized unit that handles all complex and sensitive cases of cyber crime including those in which victims are women and children. The Cyber Crime Cell has modern facilities like Cyber Lab having cyber forensic capabilities including extraction of deleted data from different devices.

How to file a cyber crime complaint in Kharagpur, West Bengal

The cyber crime complaints can be registered with the cyber crime cells. The process of filing the complaint is both online and offline, and the victim can choose the procedure according to his/her convenience. It is not necessary for the victim to register the complaint in the cyber-crime cell of the city in which he or she is residing or where the crime was committed because the cyber crime comes under the purview of global jurisdiction i.e., the cybercrime complaint can be registered with any of the cybercrime cells established in India. Cybercrime cells have been established in various cities of India to make it convenient for the people to get proper assistance in case of any injury or damage arising due to any cybercrime committed against them. These cells have also been generating awareness about the cybercrimes and measures to avoid being a victim to such crimes. Cybercrime cells maintain reports of cybercrimes and also take care of investigations.

In case the victim does not have access to any of the cybercrime cells, he or she can lodge the FIR at the local police station under Section 154 of Code of Criminal Procedure. If the cybercrime committed against the victim is a cognizable offence under Indian Penal Code, then it would be obligatory for the police officer to lodge the FIR. If the police officer refuses to file the complaint of the victim, the victim can make the written complaint to the Judicial Magistrate of his/her district who in turn can direct the police officer to commence the investigation. The documents required for filing an FIR of a cybercrime depends upon the type of cybercrime committed against the victim (Social Media Crime, Cyber Bullying, Mobile Application Crime, Cyber Extortion, etc.).

Procedure for filing cyber crime complaint: Cyber Cell Kharagpur, West Bengal

Making a written complaint to the cybercrime cell has been proved to be the most acceptable way of registering the crime as there are people who still cannot afford the charges of the internet or who do not have required knowledge. The victim of a cybercrime can file a written complaint in the nearest cybercrime cell or in any cybercrime cell established in India. The written complaint shall be addressed to the Head of the Cybercrime Cell and shall be accompanied with the following information of the victim or person registering the complaint:

  • Name,
  • Contact details, and
  • Mailing address.

Other documents which are required to be attached with the complaint depends upon the type of cybercrime committed against the victim. It is necessary to attach these documents with the offline as well as with the online complaint.

This procedure explains various ways to Register a Cyber Crime Complaint Online in Kharagpur, West Bengal.

  1. Applicant shall register a cyber-crime complaint with the cyber-crime cell of the city where they are currently in.
  2. If applicant is not in access to any of the cyber cells, they can file a “First Information Report (FIR)” at the local police station. In case the complaint is not accepted there, they can approach the Commissioner or the district level police authority office to make their complaint.

Apply In-Person:

  1. The victim of cyber-crime should write a complaint narrating the whole incident – Brief history is to be mentioned.
  2. Go to the cyber-crime cell near you. If you are not in access of cyber-crime cell then reach the nearest police station.
    1. Victim can record “zero FIR” through a policeman and then the complaint will be forwarded to the local nearest police station to file the complaint.
  3. Following link provides contact details: link Please select the “State govt & police links” menu and choose the respective option for details.
  4. Please go to your area police station and meet the authority to apply.
  5. Please register your complaint along with printout of screen shot of the online portal, URL and other required documents as per our “Required Document” section.
  6. On receiving the complaint, authorities will investigate and clarify their doubts before registering.
  7. If the submitted complaint is in detail and the supporting documents are in place the complaint will be recorded by the respective authority.
  8. Victim will get the FIR number for registered complaint. Keep it safe for future reference.
  9. This complaint will be investigated by the team and compliant gets information and notification about the progress.
  10. Compliant shall follow the department notice to get justice.

Apply through National Cyber Crime Reporting Portal

Kharagpur, West Bengal Register a Cyber Crime Complaint Online

  • Go to the online portal. Link for the portal: online portal
  • In the given page please click “Report Other Cyber Crime” menu option.
  • A new screen will be provided. Please go through the information and click “File a complaint” button.
  • Applicant will reach another page. Please go through the instructions and click “I Accept” button.
  • User will reach login page. User shall access the “Citizen Login” section.
  • Please complete the prompted details as appropriate and click “Get OTP” button to get OTP in your mobile.
  • Now enter the received OTP at the prompted space and click “Submit” button.
  • Once the login is successful applicant will reach “Report & Track” page.
  • Applicant has to complete the mandatory details as prompted for “Incident Details”, “Suspect Details”, “Complaint Details” section one by one.
  • Once you reach “Preview & Submit” section, preview of the application will be displayed. If all the details are correct click “I Agree” check box and then click “Confirm & Submit” button.
  • A system generated acknowledgement number will be displayed. Save it for future reference. Click “OK” button to close the acknowledgement popup.
  • Applicant shall use the “Download PDF” button to download and print the application form
  • This complaint will be processed further. Please follow the department notification to get justice.

NOTE: Victim should record all the details about the fraud or crime by taking screen shot of the website screen/page and save it in a USB drive or mail it to their email ID.

Documents Required For Cyber Crime Complaint

(As given in the website of Cyber Police)

To Lodge Email related Complaints

  • A written Complaint explaining the complete incidence
  • Copy of the alleged Email
  • Email should be taken from the original receiver. Forwarded email should be avoided
  • Full Header of the alleged Email
  • Copy of email and header should be in both hard & soft forms
  • Soft copy should be given in a CD-R only

To Lodge Social Media related Complaints

  • Copy/screenshot of alleged contents/profile
  • Screenshot copy of URL of alleged contents
  • Contents should be in both hard & soft forms
  • Soft copy should be given in CD-R only

To Lodge Mobile Apps related complaints

  • Screenshot of the malicious app and the location from where it downloaded
  • Bank statement from the victim’s account if any transactions made
  • Soft copy of all above mentioned documents in soft form

To Lodge Business Email Compromise complaints

Brief description of the incident, and consider providing the following financial information:

  1. Originating Name
  2. Originating Location
  3. Originating Bank Name
  4. Originating Bank Account Number
  5. Recipient Name
  6. Recipient Bank Name
  7. Recipient Bank Account Number
  8. Recipient Bank Location (if available)
  9. Intermediary Bank Name (if available)
  10. SWIFT Number
  11. Date
  12. Amount of Transaction

To Lodge Data Theft complaints

  • Copy of data which has been stolen
  • Copyright certificate for the data in question
  • Details of suspected employee who took the data from company

Following documents related to suspected employee:

  • Appointment letter
  • Non-disclosure agreement if any
  • List of duty assigned
  • List of gadgets assigned to the suspected
  • List of clients with whom the suspect is in touch
  • Proof of selling of your copyright data to any client
  • Devices used by the suspect while working with the company, if any

To Lodge Ransomware complaints

  • E-mail id /phone number or any other means of communication through which ransom has been demanded.
  • If malware was sent in the attachment of the mail. Screen shots of the mail with full header of first receiver should be provided.

To Lodge Net banking/ATM Complaints

  • Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months
  • Copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions
  • Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records

To Lodge Fake call fraud Complaints

  • Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months
  • Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions
  • Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records

To Lodge Scams Complaints

  • Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months
  • Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions
  • Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records

To Lodge Bitcoin related Complaints

  • Complete facts in brief about the incident
  • Address of Bitcoin
  • Amount of Bitcoin involved
  • Address from/to whom purchase/sale of Bitcoins is done

To Lodge Cheating related Complaints

  • Print out of the alleged email along with its full header of the email
  • Email should be taken from the original receiver. Forwarded email should be avoided
  • Bank statement from the victim’s account
  • Details of the alleged transaction made
  • Soft copy of all above mentioned documents

To Lodge Online Transactions related Complaints

  • Bank statement from the concerned bank of last six months
  • Make a copy of SMSs received related to the alleged transactions
  • Copy of your ID proof and address proof as shown in the bank records.

Note: Information given here is to help and guide those who do not have knowledge about lodging complaint with cyber cell. We are not responsible for any mistake or error. This is a website to provide free information and we do not charge any amount from any user. Trade marks and copy rights are of respective websites.


  • Victim of criminal activity carried on by the use of computers and the Internet.
  • Some of the common cyber-crimes are hacking, cyber stalking, denial of service attack (DoS), virus dissemination, software piracy and credit card fraud.


This is a service for the public and doesn’t need to pay charges/fees.


The complaint registered is valid for the investigation and till the closure of the complaint.

Information which might help

  • The moment you encounter such situation, please follow the below steps to safeguard further damage.
    • Change your Credit/debit card PIN number.
    • Change your Net banking password.
    • Change your password for your entire login

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