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A permanent residence certificate is a certificate of a person being a permanent resident of the state. This legal document proves that the person is a resident of a particular district or state. A residence certificate is an important document for availing various types of schemes launched by the state government. In this article, we are providing information about the application of the Meghalaya Permanent Residence Proof.

A permanent residence certificate is used for various purposes. To get admission under the permanent residence quota in various educational institutions of the state, it is an important certificate to get government scholarship schemes and apply for a ration card. The residence certificate is used to apply for government job training in the state. Where permanent residents of the state are given priority. To apply for a residence certificate, you must go to your Regional Revenue Office and apply. For which you will have to fill the application form thoroughly and attach the required documents with the application form and submit it to the concerned office.

Here we are providing you a direct link to download the PDF form of the Meghalaya Residence Certificate. The application for a residence/domicile certificate can be easily downloaded by clicking on the link given below.

Application PDF Form Download For Domicile Certificate Meghalaya

Article Meghalaya Residence Certificate PDF Form
Department Revenue Department 
Beneficiary State Resident
Language English
Official Website Click Here
Form PDF Download Download Here

Meghalaya Residence Certificate

The residence certificate is the proof of residence of the person. This certifies that the person holding the residence certificate is a resident of which district or state. This is an important document, it is required for us to apply for many government or non-government schemes. Here we will provide you all the information about the Meghalaya residence certificate through our article. So, you must read this article till the end.

Documents Required For Meghalaya Residence Certificate

For the Meghalaya Permanent Residence Certificate application, attach the following required documents with the application form.

  1. Proof of permanent residence
  2. Ration card copy, Voter ID,
  3. Adhar Card
  4. Land documents

Eligibility For Meghalaya Domicile Certificate

The following eligibility criteria are mandatory to apply for Residence Certificate-

  • Permanent residents of the state can apply for this certificate.
  • If the woman has not belonged to the state in the past, but the woman is married to a person from the state, who is a permanent resident of Meghalaya, then that woman is also eligible to apply for a permanent residence certificate.

Benefits of obtaining Meghalaya Residence Certificate

Meghalaya residence certificate has many benefits. Which are as follows –

  • This is the proof of our residence (place of stay). With the help of which, we can apply by showing this certificate in case of seeking residence in any scheme.
  • A permanent residence certificate is required to get admission to an educational institution.
  • A permanent residency certificate is required to obtain all scholarship schemes.
  • And if you want to apply for your ration card, this is an important address proof.
  • Meghalaya residence certificate can also be used to apply for a government job or training. This gives applicants priority to avail.

Apply for Meghalaya Residence Certificate

If you want to apply for a Meghalaya residence certificate, then for this you have to follow the following steps.

  • First of all, you should get its application form from Deputy Commissioner Office or PFC Office.
  • Or you can also download the application form through the link given below.


  • After downloading the form, you will have to fill in all the given details carefully.
  • After this, you will have to attach the required documents along with the form.
  • After filling in all the information and attaching the documents, you will have to submit the completed form to the Deputy Commissioner Office or PFC Office.
  • After this, your application form will be checked by the concerned authorities. Then you will be issued your residence certificate
  • A permanent residence certificate is valid for one year. After 30 days of application, you will be issued a permanent residence certificate.

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