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Mobile application services are the current digital transformation globally. The feature helps deliver services in fast and inconvenient ways. Mobile apps don’t require skills to operate and are easy to maneuver for any user. The Indian government utilizes mobile applications to improve several services in the country. The Mparivahan App is a powerful application designed for RC and DL services, basic details about the user’s vehicle, registration of license, paying road tax, and more. The app was introduced by the Ministry of Road Transport and National Highways.

The application allows users to make complaints on transport issues. One can send a photo of the problems on the road for follow-up. The vehicle registration section contains the following details:

  • Insurance validity.
  • The vehicle fitness validity.
  • Pollution under control PUC certificate.

To access the PUC information, the user requires to present the original documents. To have the RC/DL in the app, you need to register on the mParivahan app. Mparivahan app contains different languages to suit all users. There are three languages:

  • English
  • Hindi
  • Marathi

UPDATE: Transport Department has allowed the use of digital DLs and RCs. Now, citizens in Punjab can show their virtual DL or RC in mParivahan or digilocker when required in place of physical copies of the documents.

Table of Contents

MParivahan App

Using a smartphone is very common and easy nowadays. So the government is trying to connect with people to provide services online. This will help citizens get services related to the Road Transport office in an efficient manner. M Parivahan app empowers citizen of India to access various information and services instantly through the mobile-based application. It aims to increase convenience and transparency under the system.

The facility which are available in mparivahan app are virtual registration card, driving licence, encrypted QR code, transport notification to citizens, location of RTO office and other facility related to Road Transport offices.

Benefits Of M Parivahan Mobile Application

The major benefit of using M Parivahan mobile application is getting Digital Service hassle-free. Some of the other benefits of this application are given below:-

  1. It helps to find details of any vehicle by just providing registration number
  2. This help in getting details of second hand owned vehicles
  3. It provides information to know driving licence services or driving licence mock test. Nearest pollution check Centre RTO offices are also so there in this application.

How To Download mParivahan Application

To download mobile based application of MParivahan app, follow the given step. These steps are applicable for Android users:-

  • The first step is to open the Google Play Store application
  • In this application, there is a search menu that is on top
  • Search mParivahan
  • It will show the first application which is produced by NIC egov
  • Click on install
  • Installation of application will start
  • After installing this application click on open to access mparivahan mobile app

How To Use mparivahan App

Accessing M Parivahan application is very easy. After installation of application in your Android based phone using above steps, follow below steps:-

  • After opening application first it is required to sign up
  • In case candidate has already have account on this application they can sign in
  • While clicking at the left side of this application you will find one option of sign in
  • Click on this option and it will lead to sign in
  • In case candidate has not signed up, they can select option of signup and provide mobile number
  • After providing mobile number an OTP is sent to the number
  • Use this number and citizen will get registered to the mobile application.

For Sign In

Click on sign in and provide the mobile number. Use the OTP number sent to the registered mobile number and this will help in getting a login.

Languages Available In mparivahan Application

In M parivahan mobile application user will get three languages to select. This includes English, Hindi and Marathi. However more regional languages are coming soon in application. This will help users to get services in regional language.

  • To change language there is option on the top of application
  • Clicking on this will show all the available languages
  • Select any of them according to choice

Services Under M Parivahan App

This mobile application provides many services related to Road Transport offices. The online services which are available in mobile application are discussed above. Here we will provide procedure to access and what exactly is this service:-

  1. After signing in this application it will Open dashboard
  2. For the first time user it will say you have not created virtual driving licence and registration card
  3. Create these virtual registration card and driving licence
  4. Creating these virtual cards will help them to access at need
  5. Applicant can use these virtual card at the time of verification by traffic police
  6. There is no need to carry hard plastic card of RC and DL.

Search Registration Card (RC) Mparivahan app

  • At dashboard there is option for RC.
  • Select this option and provide number of RC card
  • Providing this card detail will show details available on registration card
  • However it will show partial information
  • This is done because anyone can use just RC number to get information about vehicle
  • So only basic details are stored
  • In order to get full details applicant have to create virtual registration card

How To Create Virtual Registration?

  • In this section after searching RC, applicant need to provide engine number and chassis number
  • These numbers are there on the hard card of registration
  • After providing these details it will create virtual registration card
  • It can be used at traffic signal at the time of check.

Driving License through mparivahan mobile app?

User can also create virtual driving license card.

All they need to provide driving license number and it will show details available on driving license.

Applicant can save the cards for future uses as virtual card.

Other Facilities Available On MParivahan App

Apart from getting virtual registration card and driving license, there are many other features available on mobile application. Some of the details related to these functions are given below:-

Search Driving License DL Using Date Of Birth

There may be chance of user unable to access their driving license. They may have lost it or it has broken or number is not visible properly. In this case they can search details of driving license using date of birth. Procedure to check driving license with date of birth is given below:-

  • Open this application and click on left top menu bar
  • An option for search driving licence using dob is given
  • Click on this option
  • It will open a new page where date of birth of user is asked along with driving licence number
  • Provide this details and click on search
  • Driving licence number can vary between 10 and 18 digit
  • Only-and / are allowed along with space
  • This will search the driver licence of citizen

Driving Licence (DL) Apply Online

Search Challan

For those applicants who want to know status of any challan issued against them, they can use this application. Follow given instruction for searching challan:-

  • Open application and go for menu bar
  • There is option for search challan
  • At this page details of registration card or driving licence is asked
  • Provide any of them and it will show any challan issued on you
  • It will help user to pay challan on specified time in order to avoid any lawful action or further fine

For Road Tax Services

There are three options under Road Tax services. User can pay tax or check pending taxes or reprint tax receipt.

इंडियन गैस सिलेंडर बुक कैसे करें

How to pay tax using Mparivahan app

  • In menu bar there is option for pay tax
  • Clicking on this application will show above discussed option
  • Click on pay tax
  • This will ask vehicle number
  • After providing vehicle number click on search
  • This will show any taxes which are due on this vehicle
  • Applicant can pay that tax online

Mparivahan App- Check Pending Tax

  • Applicant can check pending taxes using this option
  • Here also provide vehicle number and it will show any tax which is pending related to Road Tax Services
  • It is very important to pay the taxes on time in order to avoid any legal issues or fine

Reprint Receipt

  • If applicants want to take a printout or maybe they have lost this receipt, they can reprint the receipt of tax paid.
  • For this click on reprint receipt option
  • Provide the vehicle number details to get receipt

Emergency Services

For emergency services there is option in M Parivahan application. This is used at the time of emergency needs. To use this emergency services follow given information:-

  • In menu bar of application there is option for emergency services
  • Clicking on this option will ask access of location
  • Clicking on allow will open GPS of user and it will give location access to the officials
  • Option for create now, call ambulance and tap to notify contact option is given

Create now

  • Clicking on create now will open a page where details of user is asked
  • Details such as name, age, gender, blood group, height and weight is asked
  • After providing this details click on next
  • In next stage it is required to provide information of your emergency contact
  • You can select one or more than one emergency contact numbers along with name
  • These emergency contact will be contacted at the time of emergency
  • So kindly save these details

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  • There is also an option for call ambulance
  • Tapping on this option will make a call on 102 and nearest ambulance is sent to the user for emergency services

Tap to contact

  • In case of emergency, applicant can contact the number saved as emergency contact
  • To use this, applicant has to click on tab to notify contact and it will contact the save emergency numbers.

Miscellaneous Services Available On MParivahan App

There are other miscellaneous services also available. Applicant can use this for their benefit according to need. Here below all the services are discussed:-

In menu bar section there is option for OUR SERVICES. Here four options are provided. This includes

Driving License Mock Test

DL mock test provide 10 questions. Candidates have to solve each question in 30 seconds. Overall marking is provided. These are practice mock test questions which is required at the time of applying for driving license. When an applicant is applying for driving license, they have to clear DL test. Practicing this test here will help them at the time of getting their driving license.

Nearest Pollution Check Centre

As we all know that for every vehicle it is important to check pollution exhaust. For this applicant have to get checked their vehicle at pollution check centre. To know nearest pollution check centre use this option. It will use your global positioning system to track your location. With the help of your location it will show you nearest pollution check centre.

Nearest RTO

For any assistance from Road Transport office applicant can contact through offline. In order to know nearest RTO office, use this option. Using your GPS it will show you address of nearest RTO office.

Salient Features

In salient feature option it will show a video. This video will have all the information and salient feature of this application along with benefits. Applicant must watch this video to know what they can do using M Parivahan mobile based application.

Here to make citizen aware about their registration card and information related to it, application has provided all details. List of these details related to registration card are:-

Temporary Registration

When the vehicle is brand new and yet to be registered permanently, the dealership assigns a temporary registration number. This RC number is valid for one month. Applicant must register their vehicle to the nearest RTO before time.

Permanent Registration Number

According to Section 39 of motor vehicle act all vehicle which are driven on road must be registered to RTO. This includes an application for registration for vehicle within 7 days of delivery of vehicle.

Renewable Of Registration Card

There is time duration according to vehicle for registration. It varies according to Commercial or personal use vehicle. Citizens are required to get their vehicle Re registered within 2 month of expiry of previous registration.

Duplicate Registration Certificate

By mistake if user has lost, torn or mutilated RC card, they can apply for a duplicate registration certificate. It will issue to the registered owner with valid proof and verification.

No Objection Certificate

In order to sell or remove their vehicle outside the jurisdiction areas of authority, owner have to take a clearance certificate. This certificate is issued by present RTO. It will help them to sell this vehicle outside state.

Hp Endorsement

It is an application used for making an entry for purchase or hire or lease agreement in the certificate of registration for motor vehicle.

Hp Termination

It is an application for exit or termination of agreement for hire purchase or lease.


If an owner has kept vehicle in another state for more than 12 months then owner have to take permission from the jurisdiction state for new registration mark. For this they have to surrender their old registration card and new RC will issue from current state.

Trade Certificate

For dealership they are exempted from registration of motor vehicle. For this they have to obtain a trade certificate from registering authority. However trade certificate holder is applicable for holding the vehicle only for trade.

Duplicate Trade Certificate

In case of lost or destroyed trade certificate, holder can apply for duplicate trade certificate. For this they have to first provide an FIR to nearest police station and intimate the fact in writing to the registration authority.

Ownership Transfer

Transfer of ownership can be done under normal sale or death of owner or purchase in public auction. After getting the vehicle, purchaser must get it transferred with the proof of transfer of ownership.

M Parivahan application is also providing information and details related to driving licence. List of information available related to these licensing are given below:-

Learner License

Citizens are not allowed to drive a motor vehicle at public places until and unless they have driving licence. These driving licences must be issued by licensing authority. The joint commissioner and Deputy joint commissioner of Regional Transport Office are licensing authorities. For this there are some criteria to get driving licence. A candidate must fit in the criteria to get driving licence.

Permanent License

In order to get permanent licence user have to apply for this at RTO office. The facility of online slot booking for test of driving licence will conduct. Visiting official website for scheduling and appointment is important. Sample questions for mock test are provided in M Parivahan mobile app and procedure to give mock test is given above.

Renewal Of Driving License

A user for renewal of license will not be entertained for more than one month before the expiry of card. Before or not more than 30 days of renewable application will help them to get the license hassle free and at very low cost. If the application form is late and delayed by 5 years after the expiry of license, then user have to go through complete process and formalities once again to get fresh license.

Duplicate License

This is available to the owner if they have lost this or destroyed or torn or defaced. For this they have to surrender their original licence along with application form and attach attested photocopy of DL. They have to pay the processing fee to get card.

Addition Of Class

This feature of addition of class means upgrading for light motor vehicle. This means that if a user is having driving licence for motorcycle, they can apply for addition of light motor vehicle at any time. Paying prescribed fee and valid licence along with fitness certificate and application, user can apply for this upgradation.

Check more parivahan.gov.in servrices here

International Driving Permit

For user who lives in India and has a valid Indian license can apply for international driving permit. For this, they have to provide information in writing in the nearest RTO. Also, specify information of the country where they are visiting. Also, they have to provide details of duration of stay etc. Submit valid driving license photocopy along with a photocopy of passport visa and air ticket to get international driving permit.

For any assistance related to mRoad Transport office visit nearest office. In case of any information related to MParivahan app, applicant can contact on number available in application.


How to download mParivahan App?
mParivahan app can be downloaded through Play Store or App store. Application Download links are mentioned in this article above.

What details are required to create an account on the mParivahan app?
Users can create an account on mParivahan app by using their mobile no.

Are the documents available on mParivahan or digilocker are valid?
Yes, virtual documents stored in mParivahan or other govt. portal such as digilocker are equally valid as of the physical copy of the documents.

Is mParivahan available on App Store?
Yes, mParivahan is available for both android as well as iOS platforms.

Can we share Virtual DL/RC on mParivahan?
Yes, users can shared their virtual transport documents with their contact on their mobile phones with this app. Documents can be shared only with the contacts having an account on mParivahan.

How to use the QR code of Virtual RC/DL?
One can download the QR code generated after creating virtual RC or DL and can show to the traffic police whenever required. The cops will scan the QR code and will get your RC/DL. This code can be used if you do not have the physical copy of the document.

Are the activities performed by users on the app recorded?
Yes, all the activities that are performed by the users on the application are logged by the government for security reasons.

Can we get information about a towed vehicle?
Yes, if a vehicle has been towed, a notification will be sent to mParivahan app.

Who to contact in case of any query related to mParivahan?
In case of any issue related to mParivahan, one can contact the Application Information Manager at 0120-2459171 or mail at mparivahan@gov.in.

Helpline Number

Help line no. +9101202459171

User must contact on the above number between 6:00 a.m. and 10 p.m.

However user can write email at any time on given email address – helpdesk-mparivahan@gov.in

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