How to apply for Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card online?

The Smart Ration Card issued by Tamil Nadu is a replacement of a usual ration card which is generally used to supply provisions and food grains by the government to a particular section of people in society, at subsidized rates. In this blog, you will know the ration card online details, how to apply ration card online,

Ration card is the government’s aid to ensure that the financially deprived families in the community receive the elementary provisions and food grains for their survival. The ration card is proof of identity and address accepted by all Government departments. That is another benefit that it offers. The TamilNadu Government has been issuing Smart Ration Cards, making prudent use of technology and digitalization. Indeed several digital platforms like mobile application, call centres, SMS service, email service, and online portal link these cards for the benefit of users.

Types of Smart Ration Cards

Currently, there are four types of Smart Ration Cards issued by the Tamil Nadu Government, which are as follows:

  • Light green cards: for issuing rice and other commodities from Fair Price Shops. It also covers Antodaya Anna Yojna, cardholders.
  • White cards:  help in procuring 3 kgs of extra sugar over the fixed quota
  • No commodity cards: for those who are not entitled to receive any commodity from ration shops.
  • Khaki cards: for the police staff up to the rank of inspector.

 Ways to apply for Smart Ration Cards online

As per the TamilNadu state government’s scheme, all ration cards convert to smart ration cards. And here, you will find the following steps to step into smart ration card online registration and application. Here is the procedure you need to follow for applying for Smart Ration Card online:

  1. First, log on to the official website of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution system and select the desired language, which will be on your right top.
  2. Click the Smart Card Application under the Smart Card Application Service section on the page.
  3. Once the link is clicked, the application form opens. Fill in all the details in the form.
  1. Along with the details, affix the photograph of the head member of the family on the form. The picture can be in gif, png, jpeg or jpg file under 10 KB size.
  2. The proof of residence has to be submitted along with the form. It can be in gif, png, pdf, or jpeg format. The file size limit is up to 100 KB.
  3. Once all the details have been filled and the required files uploaded, click the Submit option.
  4. Once the form is submitted, you will receive a reference number which can be used to check the status of the smart ration card.

When once the application is approved, you will receive a PIN to the registered mobile number. However, you can show this PIN to collect the ration card from the nearest distribution centre.

Some of the states have allocated the facility to check the status of the ration card while some are still working in it.

How to apply through Point Of Sale device?

You can visit the nearby ration shop and register through the Point of Sale device. Do ensure to carry all the documents for the registration.

Note: PoS or Point of Sale devices are biometric systems that were introduced to eliminate bogus or ineligible cardholders during the distribution of ration.

How to apply through Public Mobile Application?

There is also a mobile application to use for the purpose. This application runs on both Android and IoS and saves you from the hassle of visiting the ration shop or registration centre for the purpose.

While if you wish to change your address on your ration card, then you will have to visit your state’s official websites for ration card. For instance, if you are from Telangana, then you will have to visit the official government website of Telangana to change your address on your ration card. If you are from Tamil Nadu, then visit the official Govt. page of TN.
West Bengal has launched digital ration card official website for its state people to view it. While the other states are on the process to upgrade to digital ration card and will soon launch the ration digitization.

Updating an existing Smart Ration Card online

Smart Ration card will update in the following manner:

  1. Log on to the official website of Tamil Nadu public distribution system at and select the language.
  2. Click on the Correction of Details option, given under Correct Your Smart Card section.
  3. The registered mobile number has to be entered, which opens the correction form.
  4. The applicant receives an OTP to the registered mobile number. However, on entering the OTP, the required changes can be made.
  5. A photograph of the head member of the family is to be affixed after the changes are made. The picture can be in gif, png, jpeg or jpg file under 10 KB size. After this is done, the Submit option has to be clicked.
  6. On submitting the form, you will receive a reference number, which can be used to check the status of the ration card.

Ration cards also serve as valid identity of proof for registering all types of business.

Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Cards are accessible through a mobile application that facilitates the user in knowing the nearby ration shops and also gives them information about the available provisions. Another unique feature of holding this card is that unlike the usual ration card, where the husband is named as the head of the family, the smart ration card holds the wife as the head of the family. Smart ration cards are a revolutionary step in the process of digitization of government procedures. They make the government schemes hassle-free and it is less time consuming for the users.

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