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Haryana RTO

The Transport Department of Haryana is established under section 213 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. It implements and functions under the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

The Transport Department of Haryana is responsible for enforcement of the provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, Central Motor Vehicles Rules 1989, Haryana Motor Vehicles Rules, 1993, Carriage by Road Act 2007, Carriage by Road Rules 2011, Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act, 2016, and Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Rules, 2016.

The Transport Department of Haryana offers different services to facilitate the welfare of road transport and safety, such as issuance license, registrations of vehicles, issuance of permits, etc.

Haryana RTO Code list PDF Download

Sr No. Description Download
1. Intimation of change of address to be recorded in the Certificate of Registration.
2. Intimation of loss or destruction etc. of the certificate of registration and application…
3. Notice of Termination of an Agreement of Hire Purchase /Lease /Hypothecation.
4. Report of Transfer of Ownership of a Motor Vehicle.

Haryana RTO Number List 2021

Code Type Office
HR-01 RLA Ambala North
HR-03 RLA Panchkula
HR-04 RLA Naraingarh
HR-05 RLA Karnal
HR-06 RLA Panipat
HR-07 RLA Thanesar
HR-08 RLA Kaithal
HR-09 RLA Guhla
HR-10 RLA Sonipat
HR-11 RLA Gohana
HR-12 RLA Rohtak
HR-13 RLA Bahadurgarh
HR-14 RLA Jhajjar
HR-15 RLA Meham
HR-16 RLA Bhiwani
HR-17 RLA Siwani
HR-18 RLA Loharu
HR-19 RLA Charkhi Dadri
HR-20 RLA Hisar
HR-21 RLA Hansi
HR-22 RLA Fatehabad
HR-23 RLA Tohana, Jakhal Mandi
HR-24 RLA Sirsa
HR-25 RLA Mandi Dabwali
HR-26 RLA Gurugram
HR-27 RLA Nuh
HR-28 RLA Ferozepur Jhirka
HR-29 RLA Ballabgarh (Faridabad South)
HR-30 RLA Palwal
HR-31 RLA Jind
HR-32 RLA Narwana
HR-33 RLA Safidon
HR-34 RLA Mahendragarh
HR-35 RLA Narnaul
HR-36 RLA Rewari
HR-37 RTA Ambala
HR-38 RTA Faridabad
HR-39 RTA Hisar
HR-40 RLA Assandh
HR-41 RLA Pehowa
HR-42 RLA Ganaur
HR-43 RLA Kosli
HR-44 RLA Ellenabad
HR-45 RTA Karnal
HR-46 RTA Rohtak
HR-47 RTA Rewari
HR-48 RLA Tosham
HR-49 RLA Kalka
HR-50 RLA Hodal
HR-51 RLA Faridabad (Faridabad North)
HR-52 RLA Hathin
HR-53 Adampur
HR-54 RLA Barara
HR-55 RTA Gurugram
HR-56 RTA Jind
HR-57 RTA Sirsa
HR-58 RTA Yamunanagar
HR-59 RLA Ratia
HR-60 RLA Samalkha
HR-61 RTA Bhiwani
HR-62 RTA Fatehabad
HR-63 RTA Jhajjar
HR-64 RTA Kaithal
HR-65 RTA Kurukshetra
HR-66 RTA Narnaul
HR-67 RTA Panipat
HR-68 RTA Panchkula
HR-69 RTA Sonipat
HR-70 STA Chandigarh
HR-71 RLA Bilaspur
HR-72 RLA Gurugram
HR-73 RTA Palwal
HR-74 RTA Nuh
HR-75 SDivO Indri
HR-76 Pataudi
HR-77 Beri
HR-78 RLA Shahabad Markanda
HR-79 RLA Kharkhoda
HR-80 RLA Barwala
HR-81 RLA Bawal
HR-83 RLA Kalayat
HR-84 RTA Charkhi Dadri
HR-85 SDM Ambala CANTT South
HR-86 RTA Narnaund
HR-87 SDM Badhkal (Faridabad West)
HR-88 SDM Badhra
HR-89 SDM Badli
HR-90 SDM Uchana
HR-91 SDM Gharaunda
HR-92 SDM Radaur
HR-93 SDM Punhana
HR-94 SDM Kalanwali
HR-95 SDM Sampla
HR-96 RTA Tauru
HR-97 RLA Ladwa
HR-98 SDM Badshahpur
HR-99 Haryana

Haryana RTO Contact Number

RTO Registration Number Office Telephone No
Bhiwani HR 16, HR 17, HR 18, HR 48, HR61 01664-242101, 01255-277222, 01252-258227, 01253-258352, 01664-252800
Ambala HR 01, HR 04, HR 54, HR 37 0171-2530350, 01734-284008, 01731-286711, 0171-2645051
Fatehabad HR 22, HR 23, HR 59, HR 62 01667-230011, 01692-230280, 01697-251700, 01667-226388
Faridabad HR 29, HR 51, HR 38 0129-2304500, 0129-2227868, 0129-2285777
Gurgaon HR26, HR72, HR 76, HR55 0124-2321808, 0124-2225042, 0124-2672900, 0124-2224444
Hisar HR 20, HR 21, HR 80, HR 39 01662-232798, 01663-254074, 01693-242211, 01662-233929
Jhajjar HR 13, HR 14, HR 77, HR 63 01276-230306, 01251-252002, 01251-220999,01276-230811
Jind HR 31, HR 32, HR 33,HR 56 01681-245930, 01684-240130, 01686-262050,01681-249670
Karnal HR 05, HR 40 HR 75,HR 45 0184-2267701, 01749-278334, 0184-2383700,0184-2251600
Kaithal HR 08, HR 09, HR 64 01746-234220, 01743-221234, 01746-227456
Kurukshetra HR 41, HR 78, HR 07,HR 65 01741-220448,01744-242908, 01744-220032, 01744-225723
Mewat HR 28, HR 27, HR 74 01268-277222, 01267-271201
Mahendargarh HR 35, HR 34, HR 66 01282-251153, 01285-220228, 01282-255107
Palwal HR 30, HR 50, HR 52, HR 73 01275-252700, 01275-235836, 01275-261480
Panchkula HR 03, HR 49, HR 68 0172-2561685, 01733-220500, 0172-2586877
Panipat HR 06, HR 60, HR 67 0180-2651303, 0180-2571100, 0180-2668668
Rohtak HR 12, HR 15, HR 46 01262-252101, 01257-233148, 01262-245639
Rewari HR 36, HR 43, HR 47 01274-222270, 01259-275106, 01274-225245
Sirsa HR 24, HR 25, HR 44, HR 57 01666-247345, 01668-222997, 01698-220287, 01666-244025
Sonipat HR 11, HR 10, HR 79, HR 42, HR 69 01263-252049, 0130-2222100, 0130-2584055, 01264-2460810, 0130-2221937
Yamuna Nagar HR 02, HR 71, HR 58 01732-237805, 01735-274890, 01732-244980
Chandigarh HR70 & 1 to 100 Nos. of each series 0172-2700514
Charki Dadri HR 19, HR 88, HR 84 01250-220053, 01250-221023

How to Get Vehicle Insurance in Haryana?

A vehicle owner in Haryana can insure his vehicle online or offline. Insuring the vehicle with a third party insurance is mandatory as per the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. The vehicle owner can also purchase comprehensive vehicle insurance as it provides coverage against damages caused to self, vehicle or third party person or property.

Vehicle Registration Process in Haryana

A vehicle owner in Haryana cannot drive his vehicle in India unless he has registered it with the Haryana RTO. The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 makes it compulsory for a vehicle owner to register his vehicle with the RTO to be able to legally drive the vehicle all over the country.

Documents required for vehicle registration at Haryana RTO

  • Sales certificate in Form 21
  • Application for vehicle registration in Form 20
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Age and address proof documents
  • Passport size photographs
  • Invoice of the vehicle to be registered
  • Temporary registration number
  • For registration of an imported vehicle, customs clearance certificate has to be submitted
  • Road tax as per Haryana Motor Vehicles Taxation Act
  • Applicable vehicle registration fee
  • Form 34, in case of loan hypothecation
  • Design approval certificate from Haryana State Transport Commissioner for registration of trailer semi-trailer vehicle.

On the submission of the above documents, the documents are verified and the vehicle is inspected on the basis of which the registration number is issued.

Haryana RTO issues fancy registration number through the process of auction. The highest bidder gets the desired number. Once the vehicle is registered, the Haryana RTO issues a registration certificate to the vehicle owner within a period of 7 days.

Form for vehicle registration in Haryana can be downloaded online through Haryana Motor Vehicles Department haryanatransport.gov.in

Renewal of vehicle registration in Haryana

From 15 years from the date of vehicle registration at the Haryana RTO, the vehicle owner has to apply for renewal of vehicle registration. The application for renewal of vehicle registration has to be made 60 days before the expiry of the valid vehicle certificate. The application has to be made at the Haryana RTO and the below documents are to be submitted.

  • Renewal of vehicle registration in Form 25
  • Valid vehicle insurance
  • PUC certificate
  • Applicable application fee
  • Registration certificate
  • Applicable road tax

Re-Registration of Vehicle from Other States

In case the vehicle is registered in another state and the vehicle owner wants to transfer the vehicle ownership to Karnataka, then the below process has to be followed for doing so:

  • Application Form 20
  • Application Form 27 i.e. form for issuance of a new registration number
  • Form 33 i.e. form for change in address
  • Vehicle registration certificate
  • Vehicle insurance certificate
  • PUC certificate
  • Road tax
  • Applicable application fee
  • Affidavit stating the re-registration of the vehicle
  • NOC issued by the finance, if the vehicle to be registered at Haryana RTO has been purchased on loan.
  • Form 28 i.e. NOC form

Functions of Haryana Department

  • Registration of motor vehicles
  • Issuance of certificate of fitness to transport vehicles
  • To grant new permits and renewal of permits to transport vehicles
  • Issuance of driving and conductor licenses
  • Issuance of licenses to driving school
  • To grant permission to check pollution under check centres
  • To make stage carriage schemes
  • To promote road safety
  • To ensure the collection of taxes and fees
  • To ensure the enforcement of the provisions regarding offences by motor vehicles.

Contact Details of Haryana RTO

  • Address: Transport Commissioner, Haryana 30 Bays Building, 2nd Floor, Sector 17C Chandigarh, Haryana-160017
  • Phone No: 0172-2784359 and 0172- 2700541
  • Email: [email protected]

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