How to Register FIR Online with Bengaluru Police. Registration of FIR through Internet in Bangalore, Karnataka. How to File complaint online with Bangalore Police. Steps for Registration of online in Karnataka.

You can register FIR online with Bengaluru Police with the system introduced In Bangalore, Karnataka to register FIR online for people who want to file First Information Report.

FIR with Bengaluru Police can be lodged through web application any time anywhere without going to police stations.

Steps to register online FIR with Bengaluru Police

New Method

Please use the new method as the old system seems not working properly.

Step 1: Visit the Website of Bengaluru Police

Home page of the website with the following Menu will open

Step 2: Go to the bottom of the page

The following Menu will be visible

Step 3: Click on e-Lost Report (app) web portal

The following Menu will open

Step 3: Click on Lost Lodge Report

The following Menu will open

Step 4: If you are a new user Click on New User

The following Menu will open

Step 5: Select preferred Language from Top

Step 6: Fill Required Information

Name, Mobile Number, email Id, date of birth

Select ID Card type from the List

Enter ID Card Number

Step 7: Enter Captcha showing on the Screen

Step 8: Click on Send OTP Option

Step 9: Submit the information required and complete registration.

Step 10: Go Back to Lost Lodge Report

The following Menu will open

Step 11: Click on Existing User

The following Menu will open

Step 12: Enter your Mobile Number and Captcha Code shown on the Screen.

Step 13:  Click on Send OTP

Step 14: Logon to the website of Bengaluru City Police and Lodge Complaint.

Please attach scanned copy of documents supporting your case.

After lodging the complaint you will receive the acknowledgement to your contact Mobile Number / Email Id.

You can trace the status of the complaint filed by you by following steps mentioned in the below Link

Old Method to Register FIR with Bengaluru Police.

The method followed in the past to register FIR with Bengaluru Police is mentioned below. Some times the link may not be working.

Step 1 : Click on the link to visit FIR Registration Page of Bengaluru Police Website.

The following menu will open. The menu will be opened horizontally. But it is displayed here vertically for convenience.

Step 2 : Fill the information asked for in the menu. Fields marked with Red * are mandatory.

Category : Select Category from the drop down menu. Categories are Computer and accessories, Cell phones tablets and accessories and Personal items / luggage / documents.

Sub Category : Select sub category from drop down menu

Leaf Category : Select leaf category from drop down menu

Brand : Enter Brand of the item

Color : Enter color of the item

Keyword : Enter keyword if any you want to enter

State : Select State from the drop down menu

City : Select City

Area : Select Area

Exact Location: Enter Exact location

Additional Details : Enter Additional Details if any you want to enter

Who are you?

Full Name : Enter the Full name of Complainant

E-Mail : Enter Email ID of Complainant

Phone : Enter Phone No of Complainant

Do you know lost date : Select Yes or No

Lost date : Enter lost date, if you know

Upload Snap of Item :  If you have the photo of item, upload it

Approximate Value of Lost item : Enter the value of lost item

Enter Code : Enter the code as shown on the page

Step 3 : Click on Submit Button

Now your complaint is registered with Bengaluru Police. You will receive e-mail confirmation to your email account.

Note : False Complaints are subject to Prosecution under Indian Penal Code

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