E-Aushadhi is a web based supply chain management application deals with Purchase; Inventory Management & Distribution of various drugs, sutures and surgical items to various District Drug Warehouses (DWH) of State, District Hospitals (DH) their sub stores like Community Health Centre (CHC) and Primary Health Centre (PHC) to distribute drugs to patient, the final consumer of the supply chain.

  • Monitor Drugs information
  • Define the items into Groups, Sub groups, Categories, Codification of Drugs.
  • Automatic Indent generation as per planning
  • Maintain expiry Date / Shelf life for an item
  • Search items using a number of search criteria
  • Transfer of Drugs among Drug Warehouses
  • Drug Distribution to Patients with all statistical Data about Drugs, Doctors
  • Define and maintain various levels of Stores
  • Link all drug warehouse hierarchically
  • Maintain control (such as quantity tracking) on stocks and their replenishment.
  • Reserve items within District WH / CHC / PHC.
  • Record transactions while moving items from one location to another.
  • Alarming Expiry Drugs, SMS facility at all levels
  • Integration with GS1 compliance Bar Coding
  • Dash Board Facility for the Senior Management

State Medical Corporation Limited is looking for a comprehensive software solution to automate the complete supply chain management system including Equipment Maintenance & Management System and Back office Operations (Human Resource and Finance Management) across the state in terms of following entities.

  • State Head Quarter
  • Regional Drug ware House
  • Sub Store which received drugs from Regional Drug ware House
  • Drug Distribution Counters which distributes the drugs to patient

To full fill the needs as stated above, C-DAC Noida has offered its following solutions in integrated manner.

  • E-Aushadhi (Drug Management System)
  • EMMS (Equipment Maintenance and Management System)
  • HFMS (Human Resource and Finance Management System)

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E-Aushadhi (Drugs and Vaccines Distribution Management System)


  • Top down Approach helps Head Quarter in Better Monitoring & Control down the line
  • Help in better Planning & Execution at all administrative level
  • Efficient control on supply & Inventory.
  • Complete Package for Centralized Supply Chain Management System supporting with best functionality
  • Best Performance with high number of users
  • Able to extend the functionality as per Department’s choice and available Infrastructure.
  • Quality Control on Drugs and monitoring & control on Quality of Drugs
  • Online Drug Distribution to Patient on DDC
  • Intra Depot Excess/Short drug transfer integrated with HQ
  • Supplier Payment linked with Supplier Performance.
  • Help & Solution Desk for Users

Key features:

  • Provision to enter the Rate contract with suppliers
  • Store, Maintain, Update, Search & Display information related to drugs through centralized Database server across multiple stores.
  • Ease of Demand Generation at different level
  • Online Indenting from RDWH to Head Quarter on annual demand basis or need based request for purchase basis.
  • Purchase Order generation based on consolidated Indenting at HQ
  • Online Purchase Order generation to suppliers
  • Ease of entering Challan at RDWH against the issued Purchase Order.
  • Online issue of Drug based on Drug Purchase and Availability.
  • Provision to maintain expiry date / shelf life for an item wherever applicable.
  • Quality Control for Drugs
  • Ability of online tracking of Drug Inventory in all Institutions throughout the state.
  • Help in better planning, execution and control on demand and supply throughout the state.
  • Ability to generate customized Reports
  • Various alert generation facility with different colors e.g. for expired items, re-order level, Quarantine etc.
  • Ability to locate drugs using a number of search criteria in all Institutions throughout the state.
  • Provision to link all drug warehouses hierarchically to understand their physical as well as functional structure
  • Inter RDWH Drug Transfer with proper control by HQ
  • Bar Code Interface for unique identification of product
  • Integration with HMIS application in Hospitals**.