CIDCO Nivara Kendra: How to login, book appointment and avail services on CIDCO’s post-lottery portal

CIDCO Nivara is the post lottery portal where after winning the CIDCO lottery, you will get details on payment and allotment procedure

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CIDCO Nivara

After winning the CIDCO lottery, what is the next step? What are the documents that you have to submit and what is the procedure that has to be followed, to make the payment and get the unit that you win in the CIDCO lottery allotted to you? CIDCO Nivara Kendra is CIDCO’s post lottery portal where you get answers to all these and more queries. CIDCO Nivara can be accessed on .Let us see how CIDCO Nivara helps in document verification and final handover of the CIDCO lottery won unit.

CIDCO Nivara Kendra appointment

To book a CIDCO Nivara Kendra appointment with the Nivara Kendra, you have to first do a CIDCO Nivara login on the homepage of CIDCO Nivara. On pressing the CIDCO Nivara Kendra ‘Login’ tab, you will get a pop-up box that will ask you to enter your CIDCO lottery application number and verification code and proceed.

Then, on the CIDCO Nivara page, you will be led to another box where you will have to enter the password, after which you can do your Nivara Kendra login to the website. Once you do your CIDCO Nivara login using the login, click on the ‘Book Appointment’ tab on the homepage and get a CIDCO Nivara Kendra appointment for processing documents. You will be intimated of your CIDCO Nivara Kendra appointment date and time through an SMS on your registered mobile number.

CIDCO Nivara Kendra lottery document

Each CIDCO lottery has documents regarding the scheme, and you can find details and formats to be followed for each lottery by clicking on that particular scheme in the ‘Lottery document’ tab on the CIDCO Nivara homepage.

For example, on clicking on CIDCO lottery 2021, Covid Warrior and Uniformed Personnel, you will have access to all documents required with respect to that scheme on the Nivara CIDCO portal.

Click on each tab on the CIDCO Nivara Kendra portal that will open as a pdf file and give you all details regarding things needed to be submitted.

CIDCO Nivara Kendra: Document verification

Document verification offline

Note that only applicants who have completed two doses of COVID vaccination will be allowed in premises of CIDCO Nivara Kendra for document submission, agreement or CIDCO Nivara enquiry process, as per government orders. After your CIDCO Nivara Kendra appointment is confirmed, you will get the ‘First intimation letter’ and you have to go to the CIDCO Nivara Kendra office for document verification. KYC verification starts at CIDCO Nivara Kendra with the primary assessor to whom you have to submit the following documents:

  • Acceptance letter – format A
  • ID proof including Aadhaar card
  • Proof of income tax returns (ITR)
  • Salary slip
  • Caste certificate

After verification of the E-KYC at Nivara Kendra, a token is handed over to the applicant. Now you have to approach the Nivara CIDCO verification executive who will scan and verify all the documents asked to be submitted by CIDCO lottery. These include:

  • PAN card
  • Aadhaar card
  • Income tax returns (ITR)
  • Salary slip
  • Salary certificate
  • Income certificate signed by the tehsildar
  • Husband and wife’s salary slips
  • For EWS category applicant-EWS category affidavit in a stamp paper of value Rs 200 – Format B
  • EWS PMAY certificate
  • For LIG category applicant – LIG category affidavit in a stamp paper of value Rs 200 – Format C
  • For journalists – Format E and DGIPR certificate
  • For Mathadi kamgar – Mathadi kamgar certificate
  • For physically handicapped – physically handicapped certificate
  • For state government EMP – Format D
  • Nyayadeen certificate and Vanshavall certificate

On verification of the documents at CIDCO Nivara Kendra, you will get an acknowledgement receipt from CIDCO Nivara. You will get an SMS and an email from CIDCO – the provisional offer letter. After this you have to make partial payment for the house within a specified time period. Post this, you have to make the full payment to get an allotment of the house. With the full payment and all the required document formalities done, you will be handed with the possession letter of the CIDCO lottery flat that you won.

Document verification online

Now you can also do document verification online on the CIDCO Nivara website by following the below mentioned procedure.

Firstly, do the login using the above mentioned process. On entering the website, click on ‘My application’ and you will see all the details. Click on the ‘Document verify’ button to proceed.

Age proof

Go to the ‘Applicant documents’ section on the Nivara Kendra portal and proceed with uploading the documents including age proof where you will enter your Aadhaar number and upload the Aadhaar card copy.


Next, is to proceed with filing details of the category, whichever is applicable.

Income details

Fill the income details on the CIDCO Nivara portal by selecting the appropriate employee type. Also, select the appropriate employee type for spouse income and fill in the related details and click on save on the CIDCO Nivara portal. Then proceed to filling all salary-related details including uploading salary slip and salary certificate.

Domicile certificate

Next is the domicile certificate verification on the Nivara CIDCO portal that is required for all CIDCO lottery schemes. Fill in details and upload the domicile certificate on the CIDCO Nivara Kendra portal and save.

PMAY registration

Next is the PMAY registration proof, where you have to enter all details with respect to the PMAY and also upload the certificate and save on the CIDCO Nivara portal.

Affidavit B

Next, you will reach the Affidavit B section on the CIDCO Nivara portal. If your gross annual income is within the slab of Rs 0-3,00,000, select ‘Yes’ as an option else, select ‘No’. Then proceed to upload the Affidavit B and save on the CIDCO Nivara portal.

Affidavit C

Similarly, for Affidavit C, press ‘yes’ if your income is between Rs 3,00,001 and Rs 6,00,000 and upload the Affidavit C and save on the CIDCO Nivara portal. If income slabs do not match, press ‘No’.

Spouse identity proof

The last step is the spouse identity proof step where you have to upload the Aadhaar card and PAN card details of the spouse on the Nivara Kendra portal.

Once again, verify all the saved details on the CIDCO Nivara Kendra portal and then click on ‘Final Submit’ button. Once done, an OTP window will open where you have to enter the OTP received on your registered mobile number and press ok. Your online verification appeal will be successfully submitted.

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CIDCO Nivara Kendra: Different scheme details

Swapnapurti scheme:

Swapnapurti scheme: Allotment letter for the Swapnapurti Scheme is published in Nivara Kendra login. Applicants have to make the payment as per the payment schedule mentioned in the allotment letter to take possession of the flat.

Covid Warrior and Uniformed Personnel CIDCO Lottery 2021: Letter of Intent (LOI) for winners of the CIDCO Lottery 2021 winners is published in the Nivara Kendra login. Please download the LOI and keep the documents mentioned for verification. The period for verification of the documents is between December 1, 2021 and December 17, 2021.

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CIDCO Nivara Kendra: Procedure for name change on allotment letter

To change your name on the allotment letter of the house, an applicant should provide:

  • Application
  • Proof – PAN card and Aadhaar card
  • In case of name change after marriage one has to submit marriage certificate or gazette certificate
  • Notarised affidavit that shows that applicant before and after name change is the same
  • Application fee of Rs 5,000 + GST that has to be paid online at

The application form is available on the CIDCO Nivara Kendra website.

A sample format for name change affidavit is as shown below.

CIDCO Nivara Kendra: Contact information

CIDCO Nivara Kendra T-271, 8th Floor, Tower No 10, Belapur Railway Complex, Belapur, Navi Mumbai – 400614

Helpline Number: 022-62722250


Where can you check details on the recent lottery results on the CIDCO Nivara Kendra website?

You can get the news related to dates when appointment booking opens, etc., in the news section of the CIDCO Nivara Kendra website.

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